Republic considers EMS contract

REPUBLIC?- Assistant solicitor Jessica Monday presented Republic village council members with a copy of an agreement between Scipio Township trustees and Seneca County commissioners regarding the EMS program for examination during the Monday meeting.

Scipio Township and the village do not plan to form an ambulance district because they do not believe they could pass a levy to support it, but Mayor Bruce Lambert also is ambivalent about signing the agreement since it states the county may remove the ambulance from the village within 90 days if they are unable to adequately staff the squad. Monday was asked to check if the 90-day requirement could be extended to a year and Lambert was to speak with the township trustees.

Village Administrator Crystal Hoepf said AMP-Ohio is offering the village to take part in a transmission peak saving program. Village officials will be notified of peak usage hours, which is to be relayed to residents to reduce electrical use during those hours and save money.

She also said AMP-Ohio is giving the village the opportunity to continue earning JV5 renewable energy credits by selling unused energy.

Hoepf said she has received two bids for the purchase of a 1-ton dump bed truck for the village and all alleyways have been stoned. She said Kessler Tank Co. is to paint the water tower with a 10- to 12-year warranty on the work.

The electric meter has been replaced at the Lions Club building at Community Park after obtaining tentative electrical installation approval from the state. The village owns the building and pays the insurance coverage for it. The Lions’ Club built it and agreed to rent it from the village. Council members determined the Lions Club should pay for electrical usage since they will be using it for money-making activities. A structural inspection of the building remains to be accomplished.

The village logo and sign around the flagpole need to be replaced. Hoepf is to contact the Seneca East art teacher to discuss students creating a new one or hold a contest for students to come up with a new design over the summer. Council members would choose the winning design in the fall.

Since $10,000 that had been set aside for unemployment payments was not going to be used by the police department, Police Chief Don Holmer requested the village hire two part-time officers, offering each 20 hours weekly. All council members were in favor of additional coverage hours.

Following her report, Fiscal Officer Monique Delaney said she is to resign effective the end of June. She is willing to train a new employee, but her day job has been more demanding. Her report included a budget review where she received approval to reallocate $4,000 from capital outlay with $2,000 going to operating supplies and $2,000 toward repairs and maintenance. All accounts contain $1,228,000 with $600,000 invested, she said.

Council is to meet at 7 p.m. May 19.