Bloomville, Attica voters approve police levies

Police tax levy renewals in Bloomville and Attica were approved by voters Tuesday, according to unofficial results.

In Attica, a five-year, 3-mill tax levy renewal passed 86-46.

“I can’t be more pleased and happy,” Attica Police Chief Keith Turner said. “Now we can move forward and continue what we’ve been doing all along.”

Turner thanked the citizens of Attica Tuesday night for approving the renewal and said because of their support, the police department can move ahead.

“It helps we can stay on the same course and we won’t be taking a step back or anything,” he said.

The levy generates $40,017 a year and is estimated to cost the owner of a $100,000 home $105 a year.

Turner said he believed the levy passed because citizens want police protection.

“I’d like to thank the citizens of Attica for believing in the Attica Police Department,” he said. “We’ll strive to serve and protect like we’ve always done.”

In Bloomville, a five-year tax levy renewal of 1.5 mills for police protection passed 58-16.

“I’m just glad that the village people have taken the vote of confidence in our department,” Bloomville Police Chief Howard Minzer said.

Minzer said the levy first passed in the late 1960s and has been renewed each time it has been on the ballot.

The levy will generate $12,397 and the estimated cost the owner of a $100,000 home $45.94 per year.

Minzer said the police department operates with four part-time officers and the levy will help pay for gas and maintenance of the cruiser.

Without the levy renewal, the police department would have had to find funds elsewhere, Minzer said.