Youth find old meth lab in ditch

Remnants of a meth lab were found alongside East CR 62 Monday evening by kids who had been cleaning ditches.

According to reports from the Seneca County Sheriff’s Office, a woman from the Sandusky County Juvenile Court reported around 5 p.m. that while kids were cleaning the ditches for community service, possible remnants of a methamphetamine lab were found in a ditch alongside East CR 62.

“She recognized the items in a trash bag and reported it,” Deputy Troy Gibson of the Seneca County Sheriff’s Office said.

Gibson said it appeared the items had been there for a while, but in following protocol, a clean-up crew was contacted to neutralize the items and dispose of them.

“It appeared the trash had been there maybe through the winter,” he said.

Gibson said none of the kids had touched the items in the trash, and no one was injured.