Tiffin U. to open facility for exercise science

Tiffin University’s School of Arts and Sciences is to celebrate the opening of its new exercise science lab in the Hanson building later this month.

Tiffin University began its bachelor of science degree in exercise science this year. The program is geared toward students wanting to pursue a career in exercise science, including exercise physiology, occupational therapy, physical therapy, sports medicine and athletic training.

“We are excited about our new undergraduate major in exercise science, and a number of prospective students and currently-

enrolled have expressed an interest in pursuing this degree program,” said TU President Paul Marion. “The new exercise science lab

is an important part of this program.”

Marion said the renovation was carried out by the facilities department.

The main cost was for equipment, but equipment also had been donated by P.T. Services Rehabilitation.

The lab is to be equipped with instruments such as a goniometer, Power Systems 70200 Flex-Tester, MyoTape, balance and beam scale, BioScan 916 BIA, hydraulic hand evaluation kit, compact metronome, heart rate monitor watch, Incentive Deep Breathing Exerciser Spirometer, calipers, electromyography system, Monark Ergomedic 884E Sprint Bike, Dartfish Software and stop watches.

“The exercise science lab will provide students with an opportunity to apply new knowledge with the use of equipment that will allow them to test the physiological and biomechanical adjustments of the human body in response to both acute and chronic exercise,” said Ana Paula Fantini, instructor of exercise science and biology at TU.