SUVs now on road

Two Tiffin Police Department SUVs hit the streets last week following their purchase in January.

Tiffin Police Chief Fred Stevens said the 2014 Ford Explorers, purchased to replace two 2008 Ford Crown Victorias, complete the department’s eight-vehicle fleet. The fleet includes four Dodge Chargers and two Ford Crown Victorias.

Stevens said the SUVs, which were state-bid purchased for just less than $23,000 each, are all-wheel drive and will help in severe winter weather.

“What ends up happening is we have to borrow from the street department or Tiffin Ford in severe weather. Now we’ll have two we can use,” he said.

The SUVs also are more spacious for the police officers and their gear, Stevens said, and for transporting people to and from the jail and other agencies.

Stevens said the department does not intend to purchase any more SUVs until 2016 when it’s possible one will be purchased for the canine officer. The canine officer currently drives one of the Ford Crown Victorias.

“Maybe one in 2016 for the canine officer to give him a little bit more room for the dog,” Stevens said.

Stevens said the department tries to purchase two vehicles every year to replace the fleet’s oldest vehicles.

“By time we get to the end of the cycle, they’re ready to replaced,” he said.