Street sweeper buy to go before council

Tiffin City Council members are to move forward on the purchase of a street sweeper after discussion at a finance committee meeting Monday.

The committee agreed to proceed on a three-year lease with no down payment on the sweeper, along with moving $100,000 to street repaving. The request is to be discussed at a special council meeting at 4:15 p.m. today.

Finance Director Gwynn Reinhart said the sewer department wished to pay up front for the sweeper, but since the asset would be shared between the sewer department and the city, the down payment and the lease should be split between the department and the capital improvements budget.

She also suggested not making a down payment, which would open up the funds for street paving.

Public Works Superintendent Mike Hoffman said the city had the option of no down payment and a three-year equipment lease.

Mayor Aaron Montz said with the bad winter, he recommended leasing the equipment with no down payment and putting $100,000 back into the fund for street paving.

Recently, Montz said the condition of 60 Tiffin streets were rated and the city has $1.2 million worth of repaving to be completed. The city has $300,000 budgeted for the project.

Montz also said patching has begun on streets not on the list to be repaved.

He also said the price increase from not making a down payment would not be significant.

Councilman Mark Hayes said if a three-year lease is approved, he would want the city to be aggressive in making the repayments.

Reinhart said the figures for a three-year lease with no down payment are to be available at today’s council meeting.