SkillsUSA competition

COLUMBUS – Eleven programs and 46 students from Sentinel Career and Technology Center came together to create this year’s chapter display for the 62nd annual SkillsUSA Ohio Championships Tuesday at the Greater Columbus Convention Center.

This year’s display was created out of wood, metal and LED lights, all recycled from the school, said Lauren Somodi, a junior in Sentinel’s cosmetology program and at Calvert Catholic High School.

The display featured a piece of metal bent and welded into a merry-go-round, Somodi said.

“It emphasizes on people’s past experiences on the playground and being carefree and risking it all on the monkey bars and going down the slide,” she said. “In life, we know there are hard times and speed bumps along the way. If we just take a second and breathe, everything is going to be OK.”

The project, which is 6 feet tall and 4 feet-by-4 feet wide, took 687 hours to complete, Somodi said.

Other members of the group that presented the display were juniors Cody Kuhn from Calvert Catholic High School in the building trades program; Nick Shumaker from Fostoria High School in the electrical trades program; and Kalob Vargas from Columbian High School in the electrical trades program.

Other students have had to work together closely as a team, such as the senior team works group.

The team includes electrical trades program students Olivia Borer of New Riegel High School and Garrett Crapo of Seneca East High School, and building trades program students Jared Downs from Seneca East High School and Jerad Raypole from Mohawk High School.

The team had to construct a 4-by-8 platform with an 8-foot and 4-foot wall including a brick wall on the outside and plumbing and electrical in the walls and floors, Crapo said.

“The competition went really well,” Crapo said. “All the practice we put in has added up to what we had to do to get everything done today.”

Crapo said the team worked on their assigned jobs, but when one member had trouble, the rest would stop and make sure they got back on track.

This is the team’s first year competing, Crapo said.

“We have learned how to work close to deadline to be able to get everything done in the six hours we were given,” he said. “If we didn’t work as a team we would have never got it all done on time.”

Building trades instructor Aaron Thompson said the junior and senior team works teams made it to the competition because of the extra hours and hard work they put in to be successful.

Vanguard and Sentinel Technology and Career Center students are to find out the results of their efforts at the awards ceremony at 9 a.m. today at the convention center.