Maintenance tops talk for county board

Seneca County Board of Commissioners discussed several maintenance projects at its meeting Tuesday.

Commissioner Fred Zoeller said a bid has been received for painting and sealing the Seneca County Jail.

The bid would allow the county to purchase the sealer and use inmates for labor. Work includes painting, caulking and sealing the building.

The board approved a supplemental appropriation allowing for $17,000 to be allocated for the project.

Zoeller also said a structural engineer looked over the RTA Building and said the building was in better condition than expected. He said the county’s insurance company has been notified and he would make a proposal to complete work on the building after finding out what portion of remediation insurance would cover.

County Administrator Stacy Wilson said bids ranging from $11,000 to $75,000 have been received for cleaning the Annex Building. Commissioner Jeff Wagner suggested bringing in county employees on overtime to complete the work to keep the cost low.

Amy Hoffman from Palmer Energy presented information on the electric contract. The contract with the County Commissioners’ Association of Ohio is to expire in May, and she said rates for the county would be increasing due to anticipated increases in capacity.

The capacity is determined three years in the future. Within the next two years, Hoffman said the capacity is expected to increase, but then decrease in 2016-2017.

The county is paying 5.342 cents per kilowatt hour. The proposed increase would be to 7.13 cents per kilowatt hour.

Zoeller also suggested looking into a demand response program that would allow the county to save money on electricity by closing offices when usage reaches a certain limit during the summer.

Hoffman proposed a three-year contract. She is to meet with commissioners again about aggregation programs for Big Springs and Clinton townships.

EMS Director Ken Majors also spoke to the board about Saturday’s meeting on multiple joint ambulance districts.

The meeting was successful and elected officials are making the EMS system more of a priority, he said.

Board President Holly Stacy suggested setting a deadline on coming up with the agreement and allowing officials to either sign a new agreement or explain to the board a different plan officials are pursuing.

If neither option is pursued, Stacy said squads could lose local autonomy.

Majors said the EMS system remains in effect and will continue to run throughout the process.

In other business, the board approved:

A supplemental appropriation of $2,806.90 for the Seneca County Ditch Maintenance Fund for 2014.

A supplemental appropriation of $904.28 for the Highway Safety Grant Fund.

A resolution authorizing a fund transfer of $904.28 to be made to the General Fund.

A supplemental appropriation of $904.28 for the General Fund for 2014.

A supplemental decrease to the permanent appropriation of $23,744.30 for the Forfeited Land Tax Fund for 2014.

A supplemental appropriation of $4,200 for the Public Assistance Fund.

A resolution supporting State Issue 1, renewal of the State Capital Improvements Program.

A resolution authorizing Nicole Smith to sign purchase orders and vouchers for the Seneca County EMS Office.

A resolution establishing the Worker’s Compensation Fund.

A resolution hiring Seth K. Woodland as a housekeeper for the Seneca County Maintenance Department, effective April 21.

A resolution authorizing the lease agreement between the board and the Seneca County Agency Transportation for the facility located at 3446 S. TR 151, Tiffin, retroactive to Jan. 1.

A resolution adopting the Revised Jail Reimbursement Policy for Seneca County under the administration of the Seneca County sheriff.

A resolution authorizing Amendment No. 3 with Correctional Healthcare Companies Inc. on behalf of the sheriff’s office.

A resolution authorizing the purchase of a 2014 Dodge Grand Caravan on behalf of the Seneca County Department of Job and Family Services.

A resolution authorizing the disposal of unneeded, obsolete or unfit county owned property, specifically a 2005 Ford Freestar on behalf of the Seneca County engineer.

A resolution authorizing the board to enter into an agreement/contract with Lifestar Billing for ambulance billing services, effective May 31.

Bill vouchers.