Fostoria approves $50K FEDC loan

FOSTORIA – With the coming of spring, Fostoria City Council shifted its focus from sidewalk snow removal to small businesses.

During a meeting Tuesday night, council approved an ordinance which allows Fostoria Economic Development Corp. to issue a loan to Cinagro Environmental Services LLC for $50,000. When owner Nicole Jones was asked about the possibility for the growth of her business, she said, “although at the moment it is a small business, in future years we could have at least 20 employees.”

Council suspended the three-reading rule to approve the ordinance allowing for the loan. Council also passed another ordinance which continues support to the FEDC.

In other news:

Council passed an ordinance relating to the authority and duties of the zoning director.

Council passed an ordinance relating to wind energy systems in the city.

A citizen gave a presentation encouraging council to consider removing the fluoridation process from drinking water.

Council is to meet at 7:30 p.m. April 15 in the City Building.