City schools present annual arts festival

Tiffin City Schools’ art department is hosting its annual Spring Arts Festival Friday and Sunday in the cafetorium at Tiffin Middle School.

The festval is to feature art from students in grades K-12. Showcased works include paintings, sculptures, drawings, ceramic, collages, installations and more.

In addition, the Noble 4-5 Elementary Choir is to perform Friday.

“Many of the artwork are to focus upon cross-curricular tie-ins, such as childrens’ literary works and mulitcultural experiences,” said TCS art teacher Marcia Burlile. “At Krout, we have integrated subjects such as science, math and social studies in addition to literature. Second-graders have created molas from Panama, and third-graders reproduced Native American arts and crafts.”

Burlile said they have used various media, including clay, oil pastels, watercolors, drawing tools and collage techniques.

“Our works have been influenced by artists we have studied, and we will be showcasing still-lifes, landscapes and portraits in varied artistic styles.”

“We enjoy sharing our hard work and communicating with families and the community of Tiffin the importance of visual art and its role in every day life,” Burlile said. “We also love to give our artists at all grade levels an opportunity to share and grow through one anothers’ work.”

Columbian High School’s art department is to display award-winning pieces from portfolios that already have garnered students thousands of dollars in art scholarships.

Robert Johnston, Columbian art teacher, said seniors collectively have been offered $410,000 in art scholarships.

Johnston started the show in 1988.

“The show is a great opportunity to showcase a year’s growth by our best students,” he said.