Chief: McCutchenville OK after leak

McCutchenville Volunteer Fire Department Chief B.J. Ford said Tuesday there have been no lingering effects from a gasoline leak that forced residents to evacuate their homes earlier this year.

Ford said water and air testing performed following the Feb. 5 leak have all come back OK. The final air sampling test results were done a few weeks ago by the U.S. EPA, he said.

“They had done some air sampling to double check and make sure there were no further air quality issues,” he said.

The leak originated at the village’s Clark gas station as a result of a bad O-ring in an underground tank. Gasoline had gotten into the storm water system and was discovered after residents began smelling it. A part of the village was forced to evacuate, and allowed back in their homes the following day.

The U.S. EPA has finished all of its activities, Ford said, and there is no activity going on at the site of the leak.

Ford said there should be no lingering effects as long as the product stays confined to the property.

“There shouldn’t be any lingering effects,” he said. “We are good to go.”

Ford said all of the financial responsibility for the clean-up process initially lies with the property owner.