Bettsville chief looks to make changes

Newly-appointed Bettsville Police Chief Brandon Bell said Tuesday he is excited for the new opportunity to lead the police force in the village.

Bell, who was appointed chief last month, also serves as one of the Fostoria Police Department’s canine officers and was a sergeant for the police department in Republic.

“I saw it as a good opportunity,” Bell said of his decision to apply for the position in Bettsville.

Bell said he has family in Bettsville and because of that, has spent a lot of time in the village.

He said he would like to implement several changes to the police force, including updates to its technological capabilities and the department’s uniforms.

Bell said he is in the process of updating inventory and performing an audit on the evidence room.

He also recently completed a policy and procedure manual that is to be sent to Bettsville Village Council for approval at its next meeting.

“We need to get up to date with newer things,” Bell said. “From our reporting system to the way we handle everything.”

“A safer village makes a safer Seneca County,” Bell said of the changes he would like implemented.

Bell said he would like the Bettsville Police Department to run similar to the way the Republic Police Department ran under the direction of Fred Stevens, the current Tiffin Police Chief. Under Stevens’ direction at the Republic Police Department, policies similar to bigger police departments were implemented.

“I want to make good learning grounds for people who want to move on to a full-time department,” Bell said.

He said Bettsville has three part-time officers on its roster, and he’s looking to hire at least three more part-time officers. He said anyone interested in becoming an officer in Bettsville can pick up an application at the police department.