Sycamore council OKs credit for ballpark

SYCAMORE – Spring was in the air for the Sycamore Village Council Tuesday, despite the surprise snow. To start the discussion of the season, Village Administrator Chuck Clark said the village credited the water and sewer bill – totaling $1,100 – for the ballpark last year, which is taken care of by the American Legion. While they still are billed for electricity, Clark said because the group does a good job taking care of the park, he would like to credit the $683 water and sewer bill again for this year, a motion which council passed.

Clark announced garage sale days are May 9 and 10, and asked if council would like to revisit spring clean-up for the town, something that hasn’t happened in three years. Councilwoman Dawn Needles was interested in the cost, which Clark and treasurer Chris Moler said was $2,025 the last time it was done. Clark thinks the village would benefit from a clean-up and suggested it take place the week after the garage sales, which the council approved. Dumpsters are to be out for the villagers to fill 7:30 a.m.-4 p.m. May 12-16 and 8 a.m.-noon May 17.

The Legion Easter Egg Hunt is at 1 p.m. April 19 at Memorial Park for children 10 and younger, Council President Vicki Weininger said.

In unfinished fire/EMS business, Fire Chief Bryan Clouse said the position of fire lieutenant still is available. Four people have expressed interest, and interviews are to start soon. He also said the annual fire department meeting went well and wanted to thank those who came.

In billing news, Clouse asked council to write off two bills totaling $1,222, as the recipients are deceased, which council approved. He also wanted to remind the community that the EMS billing email system is up and running and that the email,, is on the headers of the bills sent out. Also, the voicemail system at the fire department is running.

Contracts for the 2014 fire/EMS departments have been written and are ready to be signed, pending Mayor Matt Boucher’s approval, which council passed.

Jim Gucker, village solicitor, said Clouse dropped off the delinquent EMS bill accounts and that notices are to be sent shortly. Also, Gucker is to email council about block watch information.

Needles thanked Seth Beekman for setting up the Sycamore website and training individuals on how to maintain it. Beekman also donated $200 to the village.

Clouse thanked Baumann Chevrolet and Buick in Tiffin for donating $150 to buy two new pickaxes for the new firetruck.

Weininger said she has visited the new water plant and it is looking great so far.

Also, Councilwoman Darcy Zimmerman reminded villagers to be vigilant of speed limits as children will be playing outside, especially near the ballpark, as the weather warms up.

Council is to meet at 7:30 p.m. April 8