Street sweeper focus of committee talk

Tiffin City Council members discussed purchasing a new street sweeper at a joint Finance Committee and Materials and Equipment Committee meeting Wednesday.

Public Works Superintendent Mike Hoffman said the chassis on the existing sweeper is more than 20 years old. The original sweeper was taken off the chassis in 2004 and replaced.

The department also performed its own maintenance on the sweeper, extending the life of the machine.

The sweeper is the oldest machine in the department and would require the most money to purchase a new one, Hoffman said. It still works.

It can be run on streets without curbs and is used after accidents if a street needs to be cleaned up, Hoffman said. It is double-sided to properly clean one-way streets and a replacement also would need to be double-sided.

Hoffman said without a functioning street sweeper, stone applied during repaving of potholes would not be picked up and could cause accidents. If the machine broke down, the alternative would be manually sweeping.

Hoffman said the city has been offered $25,000 for the machine as a trade-in, but could get more if it was sold in an internet auction.

He also said leasing a machine versus buying one would not have much of a cost difference.

the difference between purchasing the sweeper outright and leasing the sweeper did not have much of a cost difference.

Councilman Mark Hayes said with the condition of the streets after the winter, looking into a lease option would best serve the city.

Councilman Joe Hartzell agreed and said they could complete street paving and buy a new sweeper with a lease.

Hoffman is to provide information to council regarding the finances of buying the sweeper outright, buying after a three-year lease or buying after a five-year lease.