Sewer fee discussion tops village meeting

NEW RIEGEL – Future sewer fees in New Riegel brought residents to Tuesday’s council meeting.

Resident Dave Warner asked Mayor Larry Bouillon how much rates would be, and Bouillon directed him to contact the county commissioners as the county now owns the system. Bouillion said rates have increased to all Fostoria sewer system customers since they had to make a $9 million Environmental Protection Agency mandated improvement.

Warner said the high fees make it difficult for renters and those on fixed incomes. Bouillon invited Warner to attend a follow-up meeting with local, state and federal officials.

Former councilman Ralph Theis Jr. said when the sewer system was first in use, each property had a meter. Now fees are figured from EDUs – equivalent dwelling units. Bouillon said it is possible the village could go back to metering. Theis questioned businesses in the village having their EDUs reduced, causing residents to pick up more of the costs.

Theis asked if the county was going to run a camera through the system to check for infiltration into the pipeline. Bouillon believed they would be doing that.

Randy Nichols approached council requesting to stone part of a grass alleyway and behind his parents’ home for parking space. Council granted the request.

Street worker Jerry Faeth said he ordered the owner’s manual for the village truck. He has consumed their supply of cold patch repairing pot holes and estimates they may need another 3 tons this season.

Faeth said Clouse Service Center requested signs be moved near its driveway for better viewing. Solicitor Rick Palau said state regulations must be followed for their placement.

Results of an inspection of the catch basins were distributed. A meeting is to take place to prioritize repairs needed.

Councilwoman Deirdre Bakies presented quotes from A&D Tree Service – $1,000 for removal of a maple tree on CR 591 and $250 for an ash tree in the park. Members approved the projects.

Fiscal Officer Megan Reinhart submitted the appropriation status and received approval to make the workers’ compensation payment.

Reinhart reported village residents continue to send income tax payments to the village. The village no longer handles the income taxes. They should be sent to the Regional Income Tax Agency.

In other matters, council:

Heard parts are needed to repair the street light, estimated at $1,600.

Approved paying Adam Faeth $817.50 for snowplowing.

Approved changing the start time for meetings to 7 p.m. May through October.

Council is to meet at 6:30 p.m. April 15.