Removal of council position may go on ballot

FOSTORIA – Although the council seemed dissuaded from proposing the removal of a position at the end of last week’s meeting, Councilman Thomas Lake brought up the issue again this week.

Councilwoman-at-large Georgiana Widmer, after saying she would not be running again, during the last meeting discussed the removal of either her position or council president to eliminate costs and to streamline city government. However, after criticism from Law Director Tim Hoover, the issue was dropped – until this week.

“After speaking with other members of the council after last week’s meeting, we decided we would like to go ahead and get a proposed ordinance written up to remove an at-large position,” Lake said.

The proposed ordinance most likely would allow citizens to vote on whether to remove the position this November. Like most ordinances, as soon as it is introduced there will be three readings over the course of three meetings.

In other news:

Council waived the three-reading rule to adopt two ordinances, one which allows for the permanent appropriations for the current expenditures of Fostoria and the other ordinance which accepts the recommendations of the Tax Incentive Review Council.

Council also approved an ordinance which allows the mayor to file an application to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources for the Cooperative Boating Facility Grant. Council is to vote later on acceptance and use of the funds.