Panel OKs financial plan

NEW RIEGEL – New Riegel council held a special session Saturday morning to approve the resolution setting permanent appropriations for 2014 and declaring an emergency.

The village’s finance committee, consisting of Mayor Larry Bouillon, Rick Kessler, Deirdre Bakies and Les Staib, met Tuesday night to discuss those appropriations and learned some funds did not have enough appropriated in order to pay bills. They also made increases to the capital outlay line, estimating the village is to have additional costs of $125,000 at least in order to pave CR 591 and SR 587 through the village and repair catch basins this summer. This matches the figure awarded to them from an Issue I grant through the Ohio Public Works Commission. Members unanimously approved.

Conversation following the business led Bouillon and Kessler to state the Wednesday meeting with local, county, state and federal officials to discuss the village’s sewer system provided good information. Bouillon said the village was not allowed to use a lagoon system while Farmland Foods was going to discharge into the system but he asked officials if the village could obtain a 100 percent paid grant to install a lagoon now since Farmland Foods is not involved and was told it is a possibility. Thinking out loud, he said, “We could kill two birds with one stone if we could clean up the burned-out convent property to be used as the lagoon area.”

“The sewer problem affects more than just the 244 residents in the village,” Seller said. “It will affect this entire corner of the county. The school will probably increase taxes to meet expenses plus higher sewer costs for everyone. Village businesses will start charging more and people may start moving out of town.”

It had been suggested Wednesday that another meeting to further discuss the situation happen in 60 days.

Council is to meet at 6:30 p.m. March 18.