Greenslade sworn in as Green Springs mayor

It was like a game of musical chairs at Green Springs Village Council Chambers Monday night. Judge John Kolesar of Sandusky County Court No. 1 in Clyde was on hand to administer the oath of office to new mayor Adam Greenslade, formerly council president. Longtime Councilman Don Sours was elected to council president. Council now is taking applications for Sours’ vacant seat.

Resident Sue Morrison commended the village for snow removal. She also had concerns considering parking, as she felt people parking too close to Euclid Street make it dangerous to drive through the area. Police Chief Charlie Horne is looking into the matter.

Village Administrator John Miller said the Environmental Protection Agency identified some tasks that must be completed. Among those tasks is updating the map that indicates where water and sewer lines in the village are located, new signs at the lagoon and an updated operations manual for the sewage treatment plant. Miller and his department will be doing smoke-and-dye testing over the next few months. Miller also is looking into buying 10 more tons of salt from a private contractor to make sure the village has enough. Councilman Nate Morrison said property may need to be obtained from Elmwood to build a sidewalk to connect the new Dollar General to the rest of town.

Greenslade said the village was considering not filling the cemetery sexton position and having the fiscal officer absorb those duties, while also eliminating the cemetery board. Cemetery board member Barry Covert said the sexton was supposed to call board meetings, but the board had not met in almost two years, and the grounds were not maintained. Council is to look at the bylaws for the cemetery board before making a decision on the matter.

Greenslade expressed concerns about Mayor’s Court in the village.

“Personally, I, as mayor, don’t want to hear legal cases and rule an opinion on that when there are folks that are elected to do that,” Greenslade said.

Village Solicitor Rick Palau said Mayor’s Court places a lot of liability on the village. Judges from the courts in Clyde and Tiffin are willing to take on the cases. No action was taken on the matter.

Upon Police Chief Charlie Horne’s recommendation, council approved a motion to take police officer Don Karr off probation because he has been employed by the village for more than six months.

Council members heard application deadlines for the general laborer and zoning inspector positions are due in the village office by 3 p.m. Friday.

Council is to meet at 7 p.m. March 17.