Council to end pay for commission

Members of Tiffin City Council approved a motion to eliminate pay for the Civil Service Commission at the Personnel and Labor Relations Committee Monday.

The three members of the Civil Service Commission each received $300 a year. About $1,200 is budgeted for the commission annually.

Mayor Aaron Montz said the commission meets four to six times a year on average. All other committees in the city are on a volunteer basis.

Councilman Steve Lepard, who served on the commission, said being on the commission was a “service to the community.”

Finance Director Gwynn Reinhart said the payroll ordinance must be amended to eliminate the pay.

The committee approved a motion to eliminate the pay for the Civil Service Commission June 30. The motion was to move the matter to council for approval.

The committee also discussed the age requirement to apply for the police department. Several requests for waivers have been made by military veterans over the age limit of 35 wishing to apply for positions.

More information is being sought concerning the issue.

The committee also approved a motion accepting Montz’s appointment of Brandon Amory to the Americans with Disabilities Act Advisory Committee.