Bettsville school tax levy delayed

BETTSVILLE – During their rescheduled meeting Wednesday evening, Bettsville Board of Education voted unanimously to delay the vote on a $50,000 tax levy for the school district this May in favor of a larger one in a later election.

With Bettsville School District’s projected debt at about $750,000, Interim Treasurer Jaime Pearson made the suggestion that the board delay the levy already submitted to the Ohio Board of Elections in favor of a “more feasible” levy of a larger amount.

“People don’t like to vote for levies every time there’s an election,” Pearson said.

Pearson also announced Bettsville’s Athletic Department went into a deficit for a short time, requiring Pearson to transfer funds from a different account. No reason was given for overspending.

Board President Michelle Davis answered questions regarding a merger between Bettsville and Old Fort Schools, saying “We’re waiting to hear from (Ohio Sen. Dave Burke)’s office” before they are able to move forward. Board member Leigh Ann King said the board submitted a five-year forecast for how finances would look if the schools merged.

Initially, the board expected to hear from the Burke, R-Marysville, by the end of March, but Pearson said his office called and told her their decision would take longer than expected.

In other news, the board:

Announced that Bettsville’s softball season will be canceled, but that there are enough boys and girls for a track team.

Approved a contingency plan to use June 3-5 as make-up days should more be needed.

Bettsville Board of Education is to meet at 5:30 p.m. April 16.