Attica council discusses water and sewer bills, issues

Experiencing record cold temperatures this winter brought two parties to Attica’s council meeting Thursday night to explain predicaments.

General contractor Myron Jackson reported a house recently renovated in the village had a possible power surge that burnt up the transformer to the door bell, blew out light bulbs and the furnace, which then allowed water pipes to freeze and break filling the house with approximately three inches of water. Before it was identified by the billing clerk, Emily Bates, the water bill totaled $4320.60 and the sewer bill is $4026.

Jackson stated the company is willing to pay for the water but requested the sewer charge be waived since the water did not go into the sewer system.

Next was resident James Postell with a similar problem. He received a water bill for near $1100 for the last two months. His regular monthly bill runs $74. Upon inspection, it was found an outside spigot had been left on with a hose attached that burst and leaked water. He has been paying his water bill but also asked to have the sewer charges waived.

After some discussion, council determined both men should return to the next meeting with at least three months billings for the properties and council would make a final decision.

Village Administrator Greg Martin reported a raw pump at the sewer plant needs rebuilt. They will be completing the installation of pumps and brackets at the water plant in order to reduce the trihalomethane level by the end of March. He also reported two trees on Walnut St. have been removed.

Martin said there has been a request for a variance in the village and a zoning committee meeting is to be set.

Fiscal Officer Pat Krebs stated a total of $778,933.63 is in all funds. She also has sent three delinquent water and sewer bills to the county to be assessed against their real estate taxes.

In other action, council:

Discussed street light outages.

Discussed sidewalks.

Thanked the fire department for numerous runs lately.

Were reminded of the EMS meeting at 8 a.m. April 5 at the Seneca County fairground’s Public Safety Building.

Council is to meet at 7:30 p.m. March 27.