Young seeks 88th District seat

Democrat Bill Young of Green Springs announced his write-in candidacy for the Ohio House of Representatives 88th District at the Sandusky County Board of Elections Monday.

His declaration comes after the announcement by State Rep. Rex Damschroder, R-Fremont, that his wife, Rhonda, would be running as a write-in candidate after a clerical error forced Damschroder to withdraw from the race.

Young ran unsuccessfully against Rep. Damschroder in the last election.

He said he waited until Monday’s filing deadline because he was substitute teaching last week.

“As your elected, full-time state representative, I’ll bring that same dedication to all the citizens of the 88th District,” Young said.

He spent 38 years teaching before retiring two years ago.

He also said he had not previously filed petitions to run because of funding issues.

“The plain and simple truth is that running against an established incumbent career politician in a heavily gerrymandered district makes it very hard to raise the necessary funds to have a successful campaign outcome in November,” he said.

If Rhonda Damschroder wins the primary, it is expected she will withdraw, allowing the Republican Party to name her husband as the general election candidate.

“It’s going to be a very interesting primary. I can’t obviously predict the results,” Young said.

Running against Rhonda Damschroder in the Republican primary is Bill Reineke, who also decided to run as a write-in after Rep. Damschroder’s error.

Damschroder said the general election would be interesting, as it will have two write-ins no matter the outcome of the primary.

“This race is kind of historic,” he said.

Reineke did not return calls for comment.