Carey residents to get recycling drop-off site

CAREY – It took nearly as long to review what happened in the last two weeks as it did to take care of business Tuesday night at the Carey Village Council meeting.

Needing just 17 minutes to get through the agenda, council had just a few items to handle on the docket.

Carey residents are soon going to have a drop off spot for recycling. Village administrator Roy Johnson said the Wyandot County Solid Waste District recently was approved for a hook truck that can pick up the rollaway recycling containers. Those containers resemble a long dumpster but have separate bins for each of the items the center takes. The grant the county received could allow the village to receive two of those containers and the solid waste district would pick them up when they are full. Johnson said if the grant required a match, it could cost the village up to $2,000.

A rollaway bin was in the village around the holidays by the senior depot and it was well received in the community. He anticipates if the plan comes to fruition, the bins would be located there again.

Council approved having the Ohio Department of Transportation contract for the physical inspection of the bridges on state and federal roads within village limits. Johnson said there’s no cost to the village for the inspections but it would incur costs for any repairs required on those bridges.

Teresa Jacoby has been named the new park manager after Eric Mullholand resigned. Jacoby, who had been the assistant manager, will work to find her replacement among the returning lifeguards.

The village is asking residents to run a small stream of water in their homes when pipe freeze conditions arise. The slow trickle of water helps to keep pipes from freezing.

Council also approved a $500 donation to the American Red Cross’ Boots N’ Badges campaign.