Reineke, Drive 4 UR School earns $16K for area schools

Reineke Family Dealerships and Ford Motor Co.’s Drive 4 UR School test-drive program enables partnering high schools to earn a $20 donation to use toward the school’s program of choice. The more people who drive, the more money is raised.

The program was launched in 2011 and has become Reineke’s most successful test-drive initiative, with some 18 events in four cities since then garnering about 3,166 test drives and raising more than $63,780 for before- and after-school activities at more than 14 high schools.

Tiffin is one of those four cities and has had five events over the past two years with the following results:

Calvert High School had two events, raising a total of $6,660.

Columbian High School had one event, raising $4,100.

Hopewell-Loudon High School had an event, raising $4,500.

Mohawk High School had one event, raising $1,560.

“This program has allowed us to work closely with our local communities while at the same time generating more than 841 test drives and raising over $16,820 for four local high schools,” Bill Reineke, dealer principal, stated in a release.

In addition, an estimated $2,880 was raised from concession stand sales and car wash donations.

The high schools do their part in helping to organize the program, which involves finding volunteers and marketing the event to students, teachers, parents and staff with the support of Reineke Family Dealership representatives.

Visit Reineke’s Tiffin Ford Lincoln for more information or contact Suzie Reineke at (419) 425-2309.