Coldiron elected president of Mohawk board

SYCAMORE – Kathy Koehler and Michelle Konkle were sworn in as new members of the Mohawk Board of Education Monday evening. Duane Coldiron was elected president of the board with Beth Margraf as vice president.

The board will continue to meet on the third Monday of each month with executive session starting at 7 p.m. and the regular meeting at 7:30.

Superintendent Ken Ratliff explained his proposal for after-school use of the field house. Members of the community who are 18 years or older would be allowed to purchase a card key for $100 annually. The weight and locker rooms would be available to key card holders from 8 p.m. to 8 a.m. seven days a week. Card holders would be required to sign an acceptable use agreement.

During discussion, it was suggested hours be limited to 8 p.m.-midnight and 4-8 a.m.

Ratliff said he would prepare a draft of a policy for the February board meeting and make it available for public review. The board could adopt the policy in March, and the key cards and hours could be ready April 1.

High School Principal Brett Graham shared a letter from the University of Toledo commending math teacher Joyce Shoup for being an influential educator. Shoup was nominated for the honor by former student Madeline Lersch.

Parent Glenn Chaffee said he was disgruntled with the junior high athletic program which permits some athletes to sit on the bench, never having the chance to play even though they have attended all practices.

The board took action to:

Approve an overnight trip to Columbus for an FFA Leadership Conference Saturday and Sunday.

Accept a donation of a basketball shooting training device from Sycamore Telephone Co. and Johnson’s Hunting and Fishing.

Approve changing a waiver day from Jan. 24 to Monday. Students will attend classes Jan 24.

Accept the resignation of Sharon Chamberlain, effective June 1.

Hire people for supplemental contracts and after-school tutors.

Approve the 2014-15 high school course of study which has a minor change in course offerings and an adjustment in quality point.

Postpone a vote on 2014-15 calendar to allow for more input.