Student project to fight child cancer

What started out as a class project has turned into an event for a good cause.

Katie Lonsbury has put together a community-wide dance clinic. The clinic was designed as a project for her theater production class at Heidelberg University.

The clinic is geared toward area children 6 and older and is to take place 6-8 p.m. Friday at Tiffin Middle School. Cost to participate is

$5 and all proceeds are to go toward a Fremont pediatric cancer charity, Kids Cancer Crusade.

Registration for the clinic is the day of the event, Lonsbury said.

“I could have easily just used classmates for the project, but I wanted to use this project for something greater,” Lonsbury said. “I wanted to do something that was worth it.”

The clinic is to feature activities and games, Lonsbury said. She and a few of her classmates are to teach a short Christmas dance.

“The students are to then be able to perform in the 2013 Tiffin Christmas parade Saturday,” Lonsbury said.

The parade is to take place at 11 a.m. Parents and other family members will be permitted to walk in the parade even if they don’t want to participate in the dance, she said.

Lonsbury said she wasn’t very familiar with plays or acting, but she knew about dance. Since she was 5, Lonsbury said, she has been involved in dance. She danced until she graduated from Columbian High School in 2011 and then continued to teach cheer dance and hip hop at In Motion Dance Studio in Tiffin.

“When I taught classes, I enjoyed how simple (dance) could make the students smile,” Lonsbury said. “No matter what routine or activity they would be doing, they would light up so much easier with dance. It is nice for those students that would be having a bad day, by the end they would have a smile on their face.”

Lonsbury said there were two goals for the clinic: to get the community involved in something fun and to help raise money for children with cancer.

“I have been wanting to help them for a while now, and thought this would be the perfect way,” Lonsbury said. “There needs to be more support and more awareness for this charity and pediatric cancer. I want this clinic to help bring awareness in a positive way.”