Panel updated on pipeline project

Sunoco Logistics Community Relations Representative Chris Koop gave an update about the pipeline reactivation project during the Seneca County Board of Commissioners meeting Tuesday.

He said Sunoco is reactivating a portion of the pipeline to support local refineries and push products to eastern markets.

The portion of the pipeline in Seneca County has been out of use for about 10 years, but the section from Fostoria to Tiffin is in good shape, Koop said.

Landowners received letters regarding the work on the pipeline’s easement, he said.

Koop also said the area between Tiffin and Doylestown has been deemed inadequate and Sunoco is to build a new section within the easement.

To reactivate the pipeline, Koop said Sunoco will have to charge the pipeline at 1.25 to 1.5 times the normal activated pressure. Sunoco will either complete the reactivation in sections or wait until the entire pipeline is completed.

If Sunoco tests the pipeline in sections, Seneca County is to be tested early next year. If it decides to test the entire pipeline, the test is to occur during the second half of 2014.

County resident Duane King said he did not receive information on construction involving the pipeline. He said workers dug up the pipeline and did not replace the dirt and rocks correctly. When he tried to till land in the area, King said he dug up rocks and was concerned about damaging the pipe.

Koop said he would investigate King’s claim.

Earl Reid from Palmer Energy updated the board on the energy project costs and the projected savings for 2014.

The changes are to save the county $153,000 annually. The county’s contract with Honeywell is to save the county an additional $20,000 annually.

Reid also said the county could have a one-time rebate of $25,000.

The roof replacement on the county maintenance building has been completed and the chiller at the County Services Building has been replaced, Reid said. Work on the chiller will be completed in April.

He said installation of energy efficient lighting will start in 2014, as AEP Energy is to start a new rebate program next year.

Work on the open architecture controls system is in progress, Reid said. The central control system is to give the board the power to control energy usage in each county building at a central location.

“How you operate the buildings will dictate how you save the money,” he said.

Reid is to present more information regarding the replacement of the County Services Building roof at a later meeting.

In other business, commissioners discussed the county’s budget for 2014. The General Fund total was $15,049,494.85, while non-general fund total was $20,973,999.43.

Among the major changes were increases to funding for EMS, Seneca Soil and Water Conservation District and the county treasurer’s office.

The county’s utilities budget was decreased due to expected energy savings explained by Reid.

Board President Jeff Wagner said he was concerned about the decrease in the sheriff’s budget. He suggested rescinding the motion for additional funding to indigent counsel and transfer those funds to the sheriff’s budget.

Commissioner Fred Zoeller said he felt there were enough contingencies to fund the county sheriff and would like to keep the funding for indigent counsel. Commissioner Holly Stacy agreed with Zoeller.

Also included in the budget was a 3 percent cost of living increase to salary lines of county departments. The additional funds will be distributed as department heads see fit, Zoeller said.

Although Zoeller was supportive of the increase, he said he wanted comparative data from comparable counties in the area regarding salaries from each department.

He said his request still stood and he wanted additional information from each department regarding salaries.

The board approved the General Fund and non-General Fund budgets for 2014.

Seneca County Veterans Service Commission Vice President David Young presented that board’s budget to commissioners.

Referring to data from 2012, Young said the commission has spent 80.94 percent of its millage. The additional funds will go back into the county’s General Fund.

Young also said surrounding counties have asked for assistance in training their own commissions.

He said if residents have ashes of family members who were in the military, contact the office at (419) 448-2885 to get a proper marker in memorial.

The board will not meet Dec. 24 or Dec. 31.

The board moved to executive session to discuss the compensation of a public official.

In new business, the board approved:

An appropriation adjustment of $4,243.14 within the General Fund.

A supplemental appropriation of $7,500 for the General Fund for 2013.

A supplemental decrease of $13,380.86 to the permanent appropriation for the Law Library Resources Board Fund for 2013.

A supplemental appropriation of $60.65 for the Community Development Block Grant Fund.

An appropriation adjustment of $3,290.20 within the CDBG Program FY12 Fund.

A decrease of $71,700 to the permanent appropriation for the CDBG Fund.

An appropriation adjustment of $1,383.07 within the FY13 Community Corrections Fund for 2013.

A supplemental decrease of $5,747.94 and $455.27 to the permanent appropriation for the VOCA GranT Fund for 2013.

A supplemental appropriation of $12,341.75 for the VOCA Grant Fund.

A fund transfer of $12,341.75 to be made to the VOCA Expansion Project Fund.

A resolution rescinding the board’s orders of Dec. 12, decrease to the permanent appropriation for the Community Housing Improvement Program FY11 Fund.

A resolution authorizing the FY2014 Airport Improvement Program Application to rehabilitate the runway apron and authorizing Stacy to sign the application and all other related documentation on behalf of the board, retroactive to Dec. 13.

A resolution rescinding the board’s orders of Dec. 12, supplemental appropriation within the FY13 Community Corrections Fund for 2013.

A resolution authorizing an agreement/contract with the Lucas County Board of Commissioners for the Lucas County coroner to perform certain necessary autopsies and toxicology reports for the calendar year 2014.

A resolution authorizing an amendment for the IV-D Service Contract between the Seneca County Juvenile Court Magistrate on behalf of the Seneca County Department of Job and Family Services.

A resolution authorizing expenditures for public safety from the Local Government Fund 2014, 2015 and 2016.