Fostoria to change rules

FOSTORIA – Fostoria is to add some new regulations for city Parks and Recreation buildings.

Fostoria City Council met Tuesday evening to approve an ordinance which allows the city to charge up to a $200 fee for the use of certain park buildings for special events. Although a Fostoria resident asked the council to consider amending the ordinance to clarify wording, council voted 5-2 for approval.

This ordinance allows the city to charge the fee for use of certain buildings. It is not to affect families and groups using pavilions and other small buildings, and the rules for renting shelters will remain the same.

“This is aimed more toward people looking to use the amphitheater and other large buildings for concerts or fundraising,” Mayor Eric Keckler said.

Keckler went on to say this will allow the city to have more control over who is using park facilities.

“This ordinance will defer some of the expenses of using the buildings, such as paying city employees overtime and paying for electricity,” he said.

In other news:

There was a first reading of an ordinance to extend the hours of the Fostoria Rail Park to be open 24/7. Council is to vote on the ordinance later this month.

Keckler announced events this weekend, including the parade at 11:30 a.m. Saturday.