Floodwaters inundate county

Water blanketed Seneca County Sunday, forcing motorists to find alternate travel routes.

Many roads throughout the county experienced issues with water Sunday. Highways closed included US 224, between SR 100 and SR 67; SR 101, between CR 13 and TR 122; SR 12, between SR 635 and SR 590; and SR 635, between SR 18 and SR 12.

According to Seneca County Sheriff’s Office, there was a sinkhole at SR 4 and SR 162, and the road was washing away.

There also was a large pothole on SR 4, between CR 36 and TR 8, north of Siam, and East TR 138, east of SR 101, was washed out.

There was debris on North CR 5, north of Iler, and a tree was down across the road on North TR 80 in Thompson Township, according to the sheriff’s office.

In Fostoria, there was high water at the Midblock underpass and at Wainwright Drive and H L Ford Drive Saturday night.

Several motorists had to be rescued from their vehicles.

According to Seneca County Sheriff’s Office, people were picked up from their vehicles, which were stranded in high water, on CR 61 and CR 12. None was transported to a hospital.

A woman was taken to ProMedica Fostoria Community Hospital after being rescued from her vehicle on CR 218 near Fostoria.

Also, a man reported at 2:53 a.m. Sunday that he had driven his Geo Metro into some deep water, and it stalled. A wrecker was summoned to West CR 18 and South TR 101.

People also had issues with water in their homes.

Bettsville firefighters were called to high water in a basement on Franklin Street Sunday morning.

Bascom firefighters and EMS were called to water rapidly going into a house on West CR 38 Sunday morning. It approached an electric panel, and American Electric Power was contacted to shut off the power, according to Seneca County Sheriff’s Office.

Tiffin Community YMCA, which has been affected by flooding in the past, was spared from damage over the weekend. The facility was closed Sunday due to the flooding in Hedges-Boyer Park.

Teri Lease, marketing and communications coordinator for Tiffin Community YMCA, said the building had minimal damage, and it was limited to the roof.

“(The water) didn’t go past the sidewalk,” Lease said.

A flood warning for Seneca County was to remain in effect until 3:15 p.m. today.

The Sandusky River was at 10.04 feet, about a foot above flood stage, at 9:45 p.m. Sunday. National Weather Service predicted it would crest at 10.5 feet at 1 p.m. today.