WOW business group organizing

After starting her own business in Tiffin last year, Shiela Graham now is reaching out with her business partner and sister to other women entrepreneurs in the area.

Graham said this morning, she and her sister will host a first-time meet-up for women in the Tiffin community, hoping to establish and grow a group of women who “can actively work to support each other” in their individual enterprises and on social media.

Graham said she has lived in a number of large cities throughout the country, and similar women’s groups are commonplace in those areas. She said she and her sister felt there is a “need for a women’s networking group in Tiffin.”

Also, she said, a number of a small businesses have opened recently in downtown Tiffin which are owned by women.

“It’s important to support these women,” she said.

The meeting us to take place 7:30-9 a.m. at Bailiwicks Coffee Co., Graham said, and simply will be an informal “meet-up” to get an idea of the amount of interest in such a group. If the grassroots idea gathers enough support, she said, the group will be called Women Optimizing Women.

Graham said anyone interested in attending should arrive at Bailiwicks at 7:30 a.m. with a business card and a friend, if possible. Each business card will be added to a fishbowl as the start of a company network, she said, and those attending will take time to discuss different ways to support each other in the community and on various platforms of social media.