Wind damages Seneca County buildings

A wind storm that blew through the area Thursday night damaged several buildings in the 6000 block of East SR 18 in Scipio Township.

A shop building at 6060 E. SR 18 lost its roof and the ceiling caved in. Also, two garage doors were blown out, and a third door was blown in. Some contents in the building and a children’s play house were damaged.

Two houses on the property were unaffected by the storm.

Justin Williams, who lives in one of the homes, said he purchased the building when his grandfather died two months ago.

“He ran a business out of (the shop),” he said.

Williams said the property had been in the family for at least 20 years and he purchased the building to preserve it for his family.

“Two months later, this happens,” he said.

Williams said he was home during the storm and had gotten a couple hours of sleep before it hit and woke him up.

“I knew (there was damage) last night,” he said.

Williams said it made him sick to his stomach when he saw the damage.

Around noon, the family was waiting on an insurance adjuster and worked to pick up the belongings in the building, placing them on the dry side of the building in case it rained. The family would fix the building, Williams said.

Dan Stahl, director of Seneca County Emergency Management Agency, said a garage in the 1000 block of North SR 18 was damaged. Also, across the road from the 6060 E. SR 18 building, a house trailer was blown off its foundation, a recreational trailer and vehicles were damaged, and debris was up against the house from a barn roof that blew off.

Stahl said he did not hear of any injuries after the storm.