Republic to cite Scipio trustees for placement of fuel tanks

REPUBLIC – An alley in which the Scipio Township trustees have placed three fuel tanks has not been vacated, according to information found during an investigation by assistant solicitor Jessica Monday.

Mayor Bruce Lambert told Republic Village Council members Monday night a vacation was not found in village ordinances and county records.

The trustees were asked to move the tanks previously but voted not to do that. The village has had the alley surveyed.

Lambert received a letter from the trustees requesting documentation stating the alley is open, and asking what gives the village the authority to fine them. Scipio Township trustees plan to seek legal counsel.

“They should not be above the law,” Lambert said. He said he believes the trustees should be cited. Police Chief Don Holmer said they are committing a third-degree misdemeanor, according to the Ohio Revised Code.

A citation is to be issued and the village now has an accurate listing of all vacated alleys from its solicitor’s office.

Craig Kleinhenz, manager of power supply planning for AMP-Ohio, updated council on its program. He said Republic is forecasted to use nearly 3.2 million kilowatt hours in 2014 coming from several power sources that include a coal plant in southern Illinois, a combined cycle plant in Fremont that uses natural gas and steam, two hydro plants in New York and two on the Ohio River. Three new hydro plants are being erected on the Ohio River and will be in operation in 2015.

For additional needs for power, the village can continue to purchase it at the short-term market price or can lock in at the current market rate, protecting the village from increases.

Members said they will confer with their purchasing agent, John Courtney, for advice. If they wish to make changes, a resolution for the remaining requirements will be approved.

Holmer noted he has identified trees near intersections needing to be trimmed.

Fiscal Officer Monique Delaney submitted the cash summary-by-fund report and stated a total of $1,029,000 is in all funds with $400,000 invested. The annual debt payment for the sewer system of $73,000 was paid.

Village Administrator Crystal Hoepf is to purchase rumble strips for the SR 19 and SR 162 intersection and raise the directional mileage signs near the village limits. She is seeking quotes for painting of the water tower. The salt spreader is in need of repairing and the snow plow has been installed.

In other matters, council:

Heard the first reading of an ordinance establishing temporary appropriations for fiscal year ending Dec. 31, 2014.

Heard the first reading of an ordinance adopting the 2014 Ohio Revised Code.

Set a utility committee meeting for 6:30 p.m. Thursday.

Was reminded the village auction for unneeded equipment is Dec. 14.

Approved a liquor license for Smokey’s Family Restaurant and Tap.

Council next meets at 6:30 p.m. Dec. 2.