Republic leaders request alley update

REPUBLIC – Village Solicitor Jim Gucker informed Mayor Bruce Lambert and Republic council members Monday night that the alley where Scipio Township trustees have placed three fuel tanks has been vacated, according to recent village maps from the county.

Gucker’s office is to provide the village with a list of all vacated alleys in the village.

Gucker presented Lambert a drafted lease for the Lions Club pertaining to the new facility at the park. He said the organization needs to renew its charter.

Gucker also reported insurance attorneys are filing for a dismissal in litigation regarding the Thomas Smith case against the village, and an answer is expected soon.

Village Administrator Crystal Hoepf suggested inviting an AMP-Ohio representative, the purchasing agent for the electrical consortium, to explain what services the consortium provides. Many upgrades to electrical services have been made recently in the village and Hoepf requested a utility committee meeting to examine procedures. Her department is prepping the snow plow and salt spreader for winter weather.

Discussion about downed limbs from recent storms and trees blocking intersections led to the conclusion that it is the homeowner’s responsibility to take care of them.

Police Chief Don Holmer received council permission to erect an additional stop sign at Jefferson and Madison streets. Council members discussed moving mileage signs that are blocking stop signs and applying rumble strips. Holmer is to hand-deliver notices to homeowners with trees blocking intersections, and if they do not comply, the village will trim the trees and assess the expense on the owners’ property taxes.

Fiscal Officer Monique Delaney reported a fund balance total of $1.092 million with $600,000 invested. Council reallocated $1,000 within the street fund from capital outlay to operating and materials.

Councilman Mike Oberlander said the property at 210 Center St., condemned by the Seneca County Health Department, has had its compliance date moved to Feb. 1. The owner claims the building is for storage only and not habitation and should not be subject to condemnation.

Councilman Jeff Larick thanked Holmer and the Scipio/Republic Fire Department for assistance in keeping children safe during trick or treat Sunday afternoon.

Council meets next at 6:30 p.m. Nov. 18 for a financial audit meeting followed at 7 p.m. by its regular session.