Pennies to help victims

The Student Success Center at Tiffin University is to sponsor a fundraiser to help an Illinois family that was affected by the deadly tornadoes a week ago.

This year, the tutors are sponsoring a Hogwart’s Penny War.

SSC students compete in competitions throughout the year. This year, they are placed into four teams, each named for a “Harry Potter” Hogwart house (Gryffndor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw).

Students will be putting pennies into their buckets to try to win the House Cup.

Pennies count as positive points for a team; one point per penny, nickels, dimes, quarters, and dollars count as negative points for a team; and every cent counts as a negative point.

The competition is to run through Dec. 12, said Mark Schrock, TU’s dean of student success services.

Although the event is for students, faculty and staff, Schrock said anyone in the community can stop in to participate.

“This is giving back,” Schrock said. “Different things happen in different parts of the world. We have to be sensitive and supportive.”

Call (419) 448-5112 for more details.