Cline to lead council

Councilman Rich Cline won the election for Tiffin City Council President in the election Tuesday.

According to unofficial results, Cline received 1,224 votes, while Mark Pardi received 847 with a total of 2,071.

Cline said due to his six years of experience, he is able to work well with the individuals on council.

He said he would like to focus on continuing economic development, along with adding capital improvements such as street repairs, improvements to the parks system and maintaining safety services.

He currently is the 4th Ward representative.

“I’m thankful the voters of the city have confidence in me to do the job of city council president,” Cline said.

Mark Pardi could not be reached for comment Tuesday night.

Councilman Mark Hayes, Councilman Tyler Shuff and Steve Lepard won the election for at-large representatives.

Hayes received 1,223 votes, Shuff received 1,232 votes, Lepard received 1,210 votes and Jim Green received 915 votes, according to unofficial results.

Hayes has been a councilman since 1999, when he filled an unexpired term. In his next term, Hayes said he wants to continue to focus on economic development, specifically in the retail sector, and improving safety services. He also wants to improve the city’s infrastructure, including widening of SR 53 and working on the sewer separation project.

He said his 20 years in banking has and will help him in working with city finances.

“I appreciate the support from the residents,” Hayes said. “I appreciate everyone running and can’t wait to move forward for the next four years.”

Shuff has been a councilman since 2008 and wants to focus on economic development, improvement of the city’s parks and improving safety services in his next term.

He is property manager for Tiffin Community Reinvestment Group. He also is chair of the Personnel and Labor committee and has helped to bring the block watch, citizen’s academy and Cadet program to the city.

“I’m relieved and excited to get started again,” Shuff said. “I’ve got a big to-do list of things to get done.”

Lepard wants to improve public and safety work forces and improve the business climate in his term in office. He held the position of 1st Ward councilman previously.

He is a member of the Revolving Loan Fund and Venture Capital Committee, the Civil Service Commission and the Seneca County Public Defenders Commission.

“I’m excited to serve the residents of Tiffin again,” Lepard said. “I appreciate the support, not only in the past but in the next term as well.”

Jim Green could not be reached for comment Tuesday night.