Be safe when buying wood

Seneca County Auditor Julie Adkins recently issued a warning to consumers about purchasing firewood. Weights and Measures inspectors from the auditor’s office enforce Ohio laws that protect consumers when they buy firewood.

Guidlines when purchasing firewood:

Firewood should be sold as a “cord” or “fraction of a cord.” A cord is a legally defined unit of measure and is equal to 128 cubic feet. A typical neatly stacked cord would measure 4 ft by 4 ft by 8 ft. One-quarter and one-half cords are acceptable. Selling, advertising or offering firewood for sale using terms such as “truckload” is prohibited by law.

When buying firewood, make sure to get a receipt which shows the seller’s name and address as well as the price, amount and kind of wood purchased.

When the wood is delivered, ask the seller to stack it (you may have to pay extra for this service) or stack the wood yourself.

Measure the wood before using any. If the cubic measurement indicates you did not receive the correct volume, contact the seller before you burn any wood.

If the seller cannot or will not correct the problem, contact your weights and measures office before burning. It also is helpful to document the possible shortage by taking a picture of the stacked wood.

For additional information or to report a complaint, contact Ron Lutz at the auditor’s office at (419) 447-0692 or visit