Storm damage won’t qualify for funds

GREEN SPRINGS – For much of Monday’s meeting, Green Springs council members discussed how to deal with the cost of damage inflicted by the past week’s storms.

Council had applied for a grant through Seneca County Emergency Management Agency to help cover the costs and would be eligible for a $2,000 reimbursement if total damages reached one half of 1% of the village’s budget. However, the total cost amounted to $7,800, short of the needed $9,000.

Without the option for reimbursement, council members moved to file an insurance claim and pay the $1,000 deductible out of the village’s budget.

Filing would not affect the premium, village’s insurance contact Holly Amlin said, due to the storm being an unforeseen event.

On another note, the baseball fields are to receive artificial turf for the batting cages courtesy of a donation by the Clyde school system.

Lastly, the active shooter evacuation drills that were performed the previous week went well, but they found many things to improve upon, police chief Charles Horne said. The village is planning on doing more in the future.

In other matters, council announced:

Judges still are being sought for the Halloween festivities Sunday.

The Mayor’s Ball has been cancelled.