State official updates local GOP

State Central Committee member John Matthews gave an update about the Ohio Republican Party at the Seneca County Republican Executive Committee Tuesday.

Matthews said the party is looking for participants for a grassroots program to share information about candidates and the party’s values.

Jim Green gave a report of the legislative committee and spoke about how there is a bill within the Ohio Senate that could exclude parties such as the Libertarian or Constitution parties from participating in the electoral process.

Green also spoke about Gov. John Kasich obtaining Ohio Controlling Board approval to expand Medicaid eligibility.

After the report, the committee made a motion to continue the legislative committee reports at each meeting.

Finance Committee Chair Holly Stacy said the committee has met and discussed creating a budget for next year. She is to bring more information to the January meeting.

The committee presented Brian Courtney with an award of appreciation for his years of service to the group.

The committee agreed to donate $150 to the American Civil War Museum of Ohio for use of the space during the Republican Candidate’s Night.

Tiffin City Council at-large candidates Green, Tyler Shuff and Steven Lepard and Republic Village Council candidate Mike Oberlander spoke about their races and asked for the committee’s support.

The committee is to hold its monthly dinner 5:30-7 p.m. Monday at Camden Falls trophy room. The dinner is to feature candidates for Tiffin City Council.