Repp to preside over Tiffin, Fostoria

Judge Mark Repp is running uncontested for the position of judge for Tiffin-Fostoria Municipal Court.

He has served on the Tiffin Municipal Court for 12 years and has been handling cases in Tiffin and Fostoria municipal courts for a year and a half.

Repp said combining the courts has benefited both cities by joining court services.

“In the state of Ohio, the average municipal court judge sees about 12,000 cases a year,” he said. “In Tiffin, the lowest it’s been is about 6,000, with the highest at 9,000.”

Repp said Fostoria Court handles about 3,200 to 3,400 cases a year. In 2012, Fostoria handled about 2,700 cases.

Because of these low numbers, Repp said combining the two courts would put the number of cases closer to the Ohio average.

He said that the only downside was that Fostoria and Tiffin would not have a full-time court, but residents still would have access to a full-time clerk to provide information.

Residents also can get information online.

“Both are under utilized to a certain extent,” Repp said. “But could it work? It’s a resounding yes.”

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Amanda N. Bodart – Hopewell Township fiscal officer (unexpired term)

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Anthony E. Faeth – Big Spring Township trustee

Stephen G. Schalk – Big Spring Township trustee

Debra S. Bogart – Republic Village Council

Jeffrey L. Moyer – Republic Village Council

Michael J. Oberlander – Republic Village Council

Kevin Thompson – Republic Village Council

Devon Gillig – Eden Township trustee

Verne J. Shellhouse – Eden Township trustee

Gerald C. Miller – Reed Township trustee

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Katherine Jett – Reed Township fiscal officer (unexpired term)