Fiscal officer leaves position

NEW RIEGEL – Following a special meeting Tuesday evening, New Riegel will be in the market for a new fiscal officer.

New Riegel council members offered Fiscal Officer Jacki Honaker a salary for her contract following an executive session during the Oct. 15 meeting. Her present contract expires Dec. 31.

They returned for a special session Tuesday for her response. She surprised them by refusing the offer, stating it figured to be $8 per hour and she felt she should be paid more with 13 years experience.

Councilman Gene Hursey said they thought with the village no longer handling sewer matters and RITA taking over the collection of income taxes that less hours would be needed to accomplish tasks.

Honaker remained firm in her refusal, but said she had always helped the village to save money and enjoyed working for the village.

Council members accepted her resignation with regrets and asked her if she would stay until Dec. 31 and train a new employee. She is to have an answer for members at the Nov. 19 meeting. Council wanted her to know their offer reflected in no way on her performance. An ad is to be placed in area newspapers soon.