Engineer office seeks funds

Additional funding for indigent burials and for the purchase of improvements at the city engineer’s office was discussed at a Tiffin City Council Finance Committee meeting Monday.

Due to the addition of Matt Watson as assistant city engineer and the promotion of Mario Livojevic as city engineer, the engineer’s office requested additional funding for indigent burials and engineer’s office personnel, computers and vehicle repair.

Council had moved excess funding into professional services to complete several projects after the retirement of City Engineer Curtis Eagle. Finance Director Gwynn Reinhart said that after discussion with Livojevic, he needed the funds to remain in the professional services line and would need more funds for wages, computer improvements and vehicle repairs.

Tiffin Mayor Aaron Montz said at this time the engineer’s office, the city administrator and police department are using the field services vehicle.

Councilman Mark Hayes asked whether it was better to buy new vehicles instead of repairing them, and Montz said the cars did not have a lot of mileage and only needed repairs.

Councilman Jim Roberts suggested using old police cars, as they are well maintained, but Reinhart said the engineer’s office prefers pickup trucks due to the hauling of tools.

The engineer’s office also needed an additional $4,500 for indigent burial. Due to state statute, the city is required to pay for the burials.

The ordinance was moved to council and was approved with a suspension of the three-reading rule.

The committee also discussed transferring $40,000 from the Indigent Drivers Alcohol Treatment Fund to the Municipal Court Probation Services Fund.

The request was moved to council and was approved with a suspension of the three-reading rule.

Reinhart also said Police Chief Fred Stevens found additional funds and would like to deposit the money into the General Fund. Reinhart said the funds were forfeited, and Stevens asked for the money to go towards the purchase of the last in-car mobile camera.

They also wanted to use other funding to purchase ammunition. The request was moved to council.

Reinhart asked that an insurance claim check totaling $2,299.28 for storm damage to flooring at the police station be appropriated into the budget for building maintenance for carpet replacement. The

request was moved to council.