Dixson trial gets under way

Witnesses began to take the stand Monday as the jury trial began for Calvin Dixson, the man accused of shooting two women in Fostoria, killing one and injuring the other.

Dixson, who faces charges of aggravated murder, a special felony, and attempted murder, a first-degree felony, could face life in prison without parole if convicted.

He was arrested July 29 in Cleveland, the day after he allegedly killed Lisa Stowers, 50, of Springfield, and injured her daughter Tyeesha Ferguson, 36, of Fostoria, in a shooting in the driveway at 245 Bannister St. Both women suffered multiple gunshot wounds.

Ferguson, Dixson’s estranged girlfriend, had filed a protection order against Dixson before the shooting.

In his opening statement Monday, Seneca County Prosecutor Derek DeVine told the jury the women, who were visiting a dying family member, had been sitting in a car in the driveway when Dixson walked up and opened fire. He first shot Stowers six times through the front seat passenger window, killing her, and then opened fire on Ferguson, who had been sitting in the back seat, he alleged.

“Tyeesha was lucky. She was shot multiple times and she survived,” DeVine said.

Danielle Stowers, Ferguson’s sister and Stowers’ daughter, had been sitting in the driver’s seat of the car when Dixson approached, DeVine said. She was able to run away after seeing him.

DeVine also told the jury Monday that Dixson had purchased bullets matching those used in the shooting two days before the shooting and that Dixson told Ferguson via text message that he was coming to Fostoria. DeVine said Dixson had been unhappy with Ferguson not responding to him and not doing what he wanted her to do.

“Mr. Dixson came to town that afternoon, he parked a couple of blocks away and walked between houses and arrived at that residence,” DeVine said.

A next door neighbor, Robin Palmer, testified Monday afternoon that she was standing on her front porch that afternoon.

She described seeing a man walk across a field and approach 245 Bannister St.

Soon after seeing him enter the driveway, Palmer said she heard what sounded like a brick of firecrackers going off.

As the man walked away from the residence, Palmer asked him what he was doing. Palmer said the man didn’t answer her, and calmly walked away in the same direction from which he came.

“He just kept on walking like it was nothing,” she said.

Palmer, who identified Dixson Monday as the man she saw walking to and from the residence, said she didn’t witness the shooting.

“I did not see him shoot her, but it sounded like a brick of firecrackers,” she said.

During cross-examination, Dean Henry, Dixson’s attorney, pointed out that Palmer previously answered “no” to a written police question regarding whether she recognized the suspect.

Also to testify Monday was a Fostoria police officer who responded to the shooting, and two other Fostoria residents. One resident, who lives on West Lytle Street, said he saw a man run by his house after he heard shots. He was unable to describe the man’s face, but said he was wearing black and white clothing.

The trial is scheduled to continue through the rest of the week. Ferguson is set to take the stand today.