County to rebid lot project

The repaving bid for the County Services Building parking lot came in about $25,000 over the county engineer’s estimate at the Seneca County Board of Commissioners meeting Tuesday.

County Engineer Mark Zimmerman estimated repaving of the lot at $68,258. One bid was opened from M & B Asphalt Co. for $93,266.

To repair the parking lot, the asphalt will have to be torn up and then the lot will be repaved.

Since the bid was 10 percent over the estimate, the board has to rebid the project next year.

Department of Job and Family Services Assistant Director Bob Anderson gave a follow-up on the county employees’ wellness program. After meeting with the Health Insurance Advisory Committee, he presented additional options for the county.

Employees can receive a 25 percent reduction in their deductibles for earning 150 points in the wellness program within 10 months. The committee discussed changing that requirement to 180 points in 12 months.

The committee also discussed the proposed family plan and said spouses would be required to get involved. With the family plan, the required number of points to earn the discount would increase to 250.

He proposed changing the points received for an annual physical and a blood test to 60 points instead of last year’s 50.

He said they also added 10 points for immunizations.

The committee also discussed adding more points for use of a pedometer and added walking to the home gym external options.

Anderson said they also added the Tobacco Quit Line as part of the smoking incentive and combined several mental wellness options into one point system.

He said that they added a weight challenge in addition to the weight loss program, adding the committee may reduce the number of points for the program.

The new weight challenge would require employees to weigh in at the beginning of the year, create a goal and weigh in at the end of the year. Completing the challenge would earn county employees 25 points.

Anderson said that the committee also wanted to add more volunteer opportunities and phone health coaching.

Commissioners were concerned about the breakdown of the family plan and the single plan and wanted more details on options for families, single-parent families and couples.

The board is to approve a resolution at a later meeting, but gave Anderson verbal approval for the changes.

In other business, Board President Jeff Wagner proposed setting aside $200,000 for the building of a justice center from the county’s current unappropriated balance.

Commissioner Fred Zoeller suggested setting aside $300,000-$350,000. He said several court buildings would need to be fixed or funded in the near future.

“At some point, we’re going to have to build a justice center,” he said.

Commissioner Holly Stacy said commissioners also had to look at the cost of other projects, such as a new phone system for the auditor’s office and software upgrades needed at Department of Job and Family Services.

She also said she wanted a better plan for the justice center.

“We’re saving for something,” she said. “Let’s have a plan and not a moving target.”

Zoeller said North Central Ohio Regional Council of Governments received a $100,000 grant to complete a shared facility/shared space study to explore the benefits of building a justice center that would serve the city and the county.

Wagner said commissioners could remove the funds they set aside if necessary, but the board would have to request it through a court order.

Last year, the board set aside $400,000.

The board tabled the discussion.

In other business, EMS Director Ken Majors provided more information on the electric lift EMS would like to purchase for the new Green Springs unit. The lift would allow volunteers to lift patients weighing more than 300 pounds into the ambulance without having to physically lift the patient.

A workers compensation equipment grant could pay up to $40,000, and the county would have to contribute $15,000. He said the cost of the unit was between $52,000 and $55,000.

He also said the ambulance would be purchased at the beginning of the year and the system could be built directly into the truck. It would be the only ambulance in Seneca County with the electric lift system.

The new truck would have a 15- to 20-year expectancy.

Majors said other counties such as Sandusky and Lucas have the lift in all of their vehicles, and Wood County is switching to the system.

Wagner said the project was a priority and commissioners would set aside funding for the lift.

Zoeller also gave an update on the repairs being made to the County Services Building. He said the contractor said the leaking problem stems from brackets used to place the original murals. He said repairing the holes from the brackets, completing the stucco and repainting is to be completed by the end of the week.

In new business, the board approved:

Supplemental appropriations of $571.60 for the Community Housing Improvement Program Fund.

A fund transfer of $85,000 to the CR 38 Bridge Project Fund.

A fund transfer of $26,000 to the Truss Bridge Project Fund.

An appropriation adjustment of $144 within the VOCA Grant Fund.

Appointing Drew E. Wood as special prosecutor regarding a juvenile investigations and/or juvenile prosecution.

An authorization contract change order for the crack sealing, seal coating and pavement marking at the Seneca County Airport and authorizing Wagner to sign.

Bill vouchers.