County OKs bonds for geriatric care facility

A Volunteers of America plan to build a new health care facility in Tiffin was discussed at Tuesday’s Seneca County commissioners meeting.

Sally St. Clair, executive director of Autumnwood Care Center, said the project has been in development for about 10 years and Volunteers of America has been working with Mercy Tiffin Hospital to provide post-care services.

She said the organization is to relocate 20 licensed beds from Autumnwood Care Center to a new building and has partnered with a company that specializes in geriatric and psychiatric in-patient hospital units.

“That company is going to be managing … a 24-bed, in-patient hospital unit specializing in the geriatric population,” she said. “(It’s) something that’s really a unmet community need that really furthers our mission as Volunteers of America.”

She also said a need assessment has been conducted and is to be finalized in November along with a feasibility study.

The facility would serve a 60-mile radius.

Diana Silveira of Peck, Shaffer and Williams said two series of bonds, not exceed $18 million, will fund the facility. There is no taxpayer money being used to pay back the bonds.

Joyce Thomas spoke in favor of the facility in public comment and said it was important to focus on the changes needed in psychiatry.

“Psychology and psychiatry need to be viewed and changed for the better, with new and improved ways of healing,” she said.

She said she hoped the proposed health facility would focus on individual care and help stop the stigma associated with mental illness.

“I am not associated with the Volunteers of America, but I hope and pray that this mental health facility in your county will be like no other,” she said.

The board approved a resolution allowing the bonds.

In other business, Ron Burns from Corporate One Benefits presented additional information about the health insurance rate increase.

He said he met with Health Insurance Advisory Committee and recommended a 6.95 percent increase.

Under state mandate, the county would have to pay 80 percent of the total increase, coming to about $120,000.

Individuals in the per-pay-buyout deductible plan would see a $2.69 increase per paycheck while families would see a $7.92 increase.

For the high deductible plan, individuals would see about a $2.36 per paycheck increase and family costs would rise $7.04.

The board approved the resolution to accept the percentage increase in health care costs.

County Administrator Stacy Wilson said casino revenue has increased. Last quarter, the funds came in at $173,837.55. The board had requested that Seneca County Budget Commission reduce the expected revenue total to $630,000. After the reduction, casino revenue was running ahead about $5,000 for the last quarter.

The board opened a bid for a Household Sewage Treatment System Improvement Project. The grant program through WSOS would help replace septic systems in the county.

Geophyta Inc. provided a base bid of $1,700 for the project, along with four alternatives for additional properties based on the type of system.

The bid was referred to WSOS.

Commissioner Holly Stacy also gave a reminder about Candidates Night at 7 p.m. Wednesday at Tiffin Middle School.

In new business, the board approved:

A decrease of $602.51 to the appropriation for the Community Development Block Grant FY11 Fund.

An appropriation adjustment of $10,000 within the General Fund.

A supplemental appropriation of $0.50 for the Community Housing Improvement Program Fund.

Authorizing a Fund Advance of $8,000 from the General Fund to the Sheriff Highway Safety Grant Fund.

Authorizing appropriation adjustments of $10,000 within the Maintenance and Repair Fund.

An increase to the appropriation adjustment of $88.89 for the Community Development Block Grant Fund.

An appropriation adjustment of $650 within the VOCA Expansion Project Fund.

A supplemental appropriation of $3,500 for the Clerk’s Computer Research Fund.

An appropriation adjustment of $350 for the General Fund.

A supplemental appropriation of $22,003 for the Housing Revolving Loan Fund.

A supplemental appropriation of $20,000 for the General Fund for 2014.

Authorizing the 2014 Seneca County Healthcare/Wellness Initiative and CCAO/CEBCO Wellness Grant Application.

Appointing Fred Zoeller to the Community Corrections Board.

Authorizing the board to sign the memorandum of agreement for deposit of public funds with the Old Fort Banking Co. on behalf of the Seneca County Clerk of Courts.

Authorizing the board to enter into Amendment No. 2 to the Access-Visitation Grant, SFY2013 with Patchworks House on behalf of the Seneca County Department of Job and Family Services.

Bill vouchers.