Council mulls televised meetings

Council members discussed the continued televising of city council meetings during a utilities committee Monday.

Councilman Jim Roberts said he spoke with Keith Hodkinson of, who said the broadcast was cutting into his revenue on providing the broadcast online.

The online option would allow residents to listen to council meetings indefinitely.

Televising the meetings would cost $300 a month to the independent contractors who record the meetings. Council also would have the opportunity to find sponsors to pay for the program.

Law Director Brent Howard said there could be a potential conflict of interest in accepting donations from organizations or individuals for the broadcast, but he said the issue was not insurmountable.

Roberts suggested using the Heidelberg University and Tiffin University’s networkss in order to televise the program.

Councilman Joe Hartzell said the schools only would be able to air the meetings when classes were in session.

Roberts said he did not think the public was being deprived of information by not airing the council meetings.

Councilwoman Lori Ritzler said that due to social media websites, information always is up to date.

The issue was further discussed at Monday’s council meeting and the group decided to fund the televising of meetings until the end of the year.