Area candidates outline merits

The Advertiser-Tribune asked candidates for township trustees, township fiscal officers and village council representatives why they were running for office and what strengths they would bring to office.

Clinton Township Trustee

James K. Distel – did not respond by deadline.

Dennis Moyer – I am running for Clinton Township Trustee because the township needs someone to work with the residents and lead it in the right direction. I bring a great deal of knowledge to the position due to my 16 years as trustee and active participation in trustee meetings following my time in office. My vast experience allows me to make informed decisions on behalf of the township with the best possible results for residents.

Brandon Steinmetz – I am running for Clinton Township Trustee because I believe we need new leadership and vision on our township board to ensure a successful community in the future. I have extensive experience in project management, excellent leadership skills and the ability to complete projects on time and on budget. Honesty, integrity, and hard work are the values that I believe our township board needs, and I am committed to leading with these values.

James Warnement – did not respond by deadline.

Jackson Township Trustee

Richard A. Findley – I have been a township trustee for 16 years and have the knowledge and understanding of what it takes to run the township on a limited budget. My father, Richard B. Findley, was also a trustee for 28 years. We both enjoyed the opportunity to help friends and neighbors find solutions to problems and ways to improve our township. As a rural mail carrier I travel the roads daily and have contact with many residents.

Stephen P. Naderer- I am running for Jackson Township Trustee because I enjoy working for and serving township residents. My experience as a trustee along with my thirty plus years as Jackson Township road supervisor makes me the best candidate. I am very familiar with the Township roads, waterways, and equipment. I have a good working relationship with the county officials, local contractors, and vendors. I have the time, knowledge, and desire to be your township trustee.

Ann L. Watkins- (I am) running for trustee to have a voice for the residents to assure safe roads, i.e. mow sides of township roads more often, not just three times a summer; in winter, plow township roads early so people can get to work and home and will keep an open mind residents’ concerns and issues. I also would propose to reinstate spring and fall newsletter mailings to keep residents of what trustees are doing for them.

Hopewell Township Trustee

Richard J. Gosche- did not respond by deadline.

Lori J. Zoeller- did not respond by deadline.

Hopewell Township Fiscal Officer

Amanda N. Bodart- did not respond by deadline.

Loudon Township Trustee

Jason Painter- did not respond by deadline.

Kevin G. Reinhart- did not respond by deadline.

Attica Village Council

*Gary A. Jordan- did not respond by deadline.

*Jeffrey J. Painter- did not respond by deadline.

*Kirk Stanfield- I’m running for Village Council in order to correct abuses in water/sewer taxation and to inform the residents of what is really going on at council meetings. Strengths? A sensitive nose, an 8th grade education, and facility with of the three Rs.

*George Yakoubian- did not respond by deadline.

Venice Township Trustee (unexpired term)

Greg Bordner- did not respond by deadline.

Venice Township Trustee

*Kenneth Kochel- did not respond by deadline.

*Ed Wurm- did not respond by deadline.

Bettsville Village Council

Stan Poe- My desire to see Bettsville grow, in both population and opportunity, drives me to seek a council seat. I grew up here and have seen decline. That makes me want to serve both current and new residents with business experience, goals and vision. Along with valuable input from area seasoned citizens, I will seek insight from all area residents. Using that feedback will allow me to hone my own vision and efforts successfully.

Liberty Township Trustee

Joseph Kimmet- My name is Joseph Kimmet and I am seeking re-election for Liberty Township Trustee. I feel my experience will help maintain the township in the best possible way with the resources that are currently available to us. I will strive for a good working relationship between the residents of Liberty Township and the trustees.

Jeff Lynch- I enjoy serving and believe in community service where one lives. I care about Liberty Township, as I have lived here most of my life. As a teacher, I take seriously the responsibility of being a dedicated public servant. My experience will help make decisions regarding our township, and I look forward to working for the community. If elected, I thank you for your support by allowing me the privilege to serve our township.

Jerome P. Miller- 25 years combined service as a Road Superintendent and trustee have allowed me to serve Liberty Township in both a hands-on and administrative capacity. I represent the townships on the Seneca County Regional Planning Board as well as serving as the Vice-President of the Seneca County Township Association.

My experience working at the township level and my involvement on the county level give me the experience needed to serve for another 4 years.

Bloomville Board of Trustees of Public Affairs

David M. Zartman- did not respond by deadline.

Bloom Township Trustee

Ronald E. Fry- did not respond by deadline.

Troy E. Kagy- Over the past twelve years, I have had the privilege of representing the residents of Bloom Township as a trustee, and this November I am seeking re-election for my 4th term. Balancing the fiscal budget with less money and increasing costs has been one of the many challenges that have been dealt with. I am asking for your vote so that I may continue to tackle these and other issues that affect Bloom Township.

Joe Shook- I am running for reelection for Bloom Township trustee. I have been a resident of Bloom Township all my life. I would like to keep the township achieving its goals and continue to run smoothly. I have a good working relationship with my fellow trustees. With all the financial cut backs, we have learned to do the most with limited funds. I enjoy being a trustee and hope to be reelected in November.

Green Springs Village Council

Mary Brundage- did not respond by deadline.

Adam Greenslade- did not respond by deadline.

Nathan Morrison- did not respond by deadline.

Donald G. Sours- did not respond by deadline.

Adams Township Trustee

David T. Carrothers- I have served Adams Township as trustee for the past four years, and am looking forward to being reelected. Overall maintenance of roads, snow removal, drainage concerns, and improving spending of tax dollars are some of my concerns. I am a member of the Seneca County Farm Bureau, trustee chairman of my church and cemetery I will do my best to keep Adams Township running smoothly.

Bret Cleveland- did not respond by deadline.

New Riegel Village Council

James W. Bodart- did not respond by deadline.

Richard L. Kessler II- did not respond by deadline.

Dale D. Nye- did not respond by deadline.

Lenny Theis- did not respond by deadline.

Big Spring Township Trustee

Anthony E. Faeth- did not respond by deadline.

Stephen G. Schalk- did not respond by deadline.

Big Spring Township Fiscal Officer

Matt Clouse- I am running for Fiscal Officer to serve the residents of Big Spring Township. If elected I will give 100% effort and devote all the necessary time. My lifelong residency, honesty, integrity, and ideas can continue to make our township and community stronger. Therefore, I respectfully ask for your vote on election day.

Donna J. Faeth- I have the skills and personality to work with the trustees and community. I’m interested in understanding how the township works with the county/state on issues and how to make our township stronger for the people. I bring experiences of working in a large corporation for 28 years, working with budgets, purchasing, reading contracts and policies. I assist my husband in our own business working with customers, processing invoices, billings and other accounting transactions.

Judith L. Mack- I, Judith L Mack am seeking to continue the position of Big Spring Fiscal Officer. I’ve been connected and knowledgeable of the happenings in our township, during my husband’s past 26 years of service. I desire to continue this connection. My strengths are as follows: trained in the UAN accounting system, in all tasks of this position, and aware and concerned of the state’s reductions to local government funds, which will affect our township.

Pleasant Township Trustee

William S. Biller- As a current Trustee and lifelong resident of Pleasant Township, I would like to continue to maintain the roads and services in the most efficient and cost effective means possible for the residents of Pleasant Township.

Dave Kingsborough- As a trustee you must be available to assist in all areas of management (and) each circumstance poses unique situations which must be dealt with on a priority basis. The experiences I gained from serving as the Road Superintendent and Trustee and the life lessons acquired from running my own business for the past 40 years has provided me the skill set and knowledge needed to handle all of the issues that currently face our township.

Merle E. Rufer Jr.- did not respond by deadline.