Wyandot County Fair results, Sept. 18

Senior Fair


One Crust Pie: 2nd, Stephanie Wheeler, Upper Sandusky.

Two Crust Pie, Men Only: 2nd, Jeran Pollock, Bloomville.

Fruit Cobbler: 2nd, Stephanie Wheeler.

Cupcake Contest: 1st, Stephanie Wheeler; 3rd, Nancy Young, Upper Sandusky.


Large Fowl


Cock: 1st , Somer Freeman, Sycamore.

Hen: 1st, Somer Freeman.

Any Other

Standard Breed

Cock: 1st, Somer Freeman; Hen: 1st and 2nd, Somer Freeman.

Grand Champion: Somer Freeman with Any Other Standard Breed Entry.

Bantam Show

Plymouth Rocks

Hen: 1st, Ashley Ohl, Tiffin.

Cockerel: 1st, Ashley Ohl.

Pullet: 1st, Ashley Ohl.


Cock: 1st, Ashley Ohl.

Hen: 1st, Ashley Ohl.

Cockerel: 1st and 2nd, Ashley Ohl.

Pullet: 1st and 2nd, Ashley Ohl.


Cock: 1st, Somer Freeman.

Hen: 2nd, Somer Freeman.


Cock: 1st, Ashley Ohl; 2nd, Somer Freeman.

Hen: 1st, Ashley Ohl; 2nd, Somer Freeman.

Any Other

Standard Breed

Cock: 1st, Megan Ohl, Tiffin.

Hen: 1st, Megan Ohl.

Grand Champion Bantam: Ashley Ohl with Brahms Entry.

Water Fowl, Ducks/Geese

White or Gray Call

Old Drake: 1st, Megan Ohl.

Old Hen: Megan Ohl.

Young Drake: 1st, Megan Ohl; 2nd, Ashley Ohl.

Young Hen: 1st, Megan Ohl; 2nd, Ashley Ohl.

Grand Champion Water Fowl: Ashley Ohl.

Antique/Classic Tractor Pull

Division III

4,000 Lbs.: 1st, Ron Buokan; 2nd, Rick Mavereck; 3rd, Art Williams; 4th, Larry Sauder; 5th, David Snyder.

4,500 Lbs.: 1st, Ron Buokan; 2nd, Larry Sauder; 3rd, Ryan Niedermier.

5,500 Lbs.: 1st, Tirey Latham; 2nd, Louie Latham; 3rd, Louie Latham Jr.; 4th, Craig Boushor; 5th, Philip Niedermier.

6,500 Lbs.: Tirey Latham; 2nd, Louie Latham; 3rd Louie Latham; 4th, Eric Baugher; 5th, Ron Pahl; 6th, Craig Baugher.

7,500 Lbs.: 1st, Steve Casey; 2nd, Chris Johnson; 3rd, Paul Perry; 4th, John Rettig; 5th, Jesse Casey; 6th, Lee Gobregge; 7th, Matt Reynolds.

Farm Stock

8,500 Lbs.: 1st, Paul Perry; 2nd, Matt Reynolds; 3rd, Lee Gobrogge; 4th, Ryan Johnson; 5th, John Rettig.

Division II

3,750 Lbs.: 1st, Rick Manbeck; 2nd, Barry Fluty.

4,500 Lbs.: 1st, Tom Ridenour; 2nd, Shad Ridenour; 3rd, Jim Fox; 4th, Jr. Bostelman; 5th, Rick Manbeck; 6th, Bryan Miller; 7th, David Snyder; 8th, Jake Huffman.

5,500 Lbs.: 1st, Bill Hartman; 2nd, Shad Ridenour; 3rd, Tom Ridenour; 4th, Craig Baugher; 5th, Jr. Bostelman; 6th, Jake Huffman; 7th, Denny Miller; 8th, Jim Fox.

6,500 Lbs.: 1st, Bill Hartman; 2nd, Tom Ridenour; 3rd, Craig Baugher; 4th, Jake Huffman.

Altered Farm Stock

7,500 Lbs.: 1st, Chris Johnson; 2nd, Steve Casey; 3rd, Jeff Casey; 4th, Lee Gobrogge; 5th, John Rettig.

8,500 Lbs.: 1st, Lee Gobrogge; 2nd, Ryan Johnson; 3rd, Allan Huss.

9,500 Lbs.: 1st, Allan Huss; 2nd, Jeremy Haley.

10,500 Lbs.: 1st, Bill Casey; 2nd, Allan Huss.

Classic Truck Pull


3,500 Lbs.: 1st, Barry Fluty; 2nd, Shelby Calmes; 3rd, Aaron Phillips.

4,000 Lbs.: 1st, Jim Fox; 2nd, Barry Fluty.

5,500 Lbs.: 1st, Jim Fox; 2nd, Jeff Bowen; 3rd, Mark Oman; 4th, Paul Hoffbauer; 5th, Josh Oman.

6,500 Lbs.: 1st, Ron Pahl.

6,500 Lbs. Over: 1st, Kelby Collins; 2nd, Mitchell Grenwalt; 3rd Keith Gottfried; 4th, Evon Gottfried; 5th, Alex Gott-fried; 6th, Eric Gottfried; 7th, Ryan Swinehart; 8th, Chuck Pahl; 9th, Matt Bowen.

Gas Pickups

1st, Schuyer Brunsun; 2nd, Quinton Clady; 3rd, Rob Barry; 4th, Cody Edwards; 5th, Kent Weatherholtz; 6th, Chris Hartman; 7th, Vernon Kinley; 8th, Doug Mcbee; 9th, Zach Hall pulling for Dale Hall.

Diesel Pickups

1st, Travis Kohl; 2nd, Jason Weatherholtz; 3rd, Jeremy Briggs; 4th, Miles Book.

Ohio State Tractor Pullers

Super Modified 4 Wheel Drive

1st, Eddy Garner, Chaos; 2nd, David Pearce, Stormer; 3rd, Carl O’Dell, Dirt Donkey; 4th, John Grau, After Hours; 5th, Evan Pearce, Thunderstruck; 6th, Mike Lane, Lowe Down and Dirty; 7th, Joey Barnett, Bad Habit; 8th, Erik Stacey, Smoknya; 9th, Steven Barker, Live Wire; 10th, Kenny Lucas, Fantasy; 11th, Austin Berry, Black Diamond; 12th, Nathan Frey, Back 4 More; 13th, Matt Clemons, Alter Ego; 14th, Shane Kellogg, Gotta Have It; 15th, Amy Boden, Studley Studebaker; 16th, Randy Lowe, Instagrow; 17th, Bill Bolen, Plum Crazy; 18th, Joe Frey, Fire and Ice.


1st, Brad Benedict, Non Cents; 2nd, Kevin Criswell, Blowing Centless; 3rd, Robert Soisson Sr., Flying Machine; 4th, Brad Jerew, Wild Times; 5th, Dan Dechant, Radical Ranger; 6th, Robert Soisson III, Leather and Lace; 7th, J.J. Potase, Super Hunky; 8th, Mike Krause, Non Typical Deere; 9th, Carl Schriever, Playboy; 10th, Rick Krause, Unfinished Business.

Pro Stock

1st, Roger Ahrens, Still Green; 2nd, Bryan Snyder, Hot Rod Deere; 3rd, Jeremy Smith, 310 Express; 4th, Steve Ortner, Old School; 5th, Ryan Walters, Chasin Tail; 6th, Mike Linder, Linder Brothers; 7th, Danny Dukes, Lite My Fire; 8th, Cory Huffman, King of Deeres; 9th, Monte McCoy, Dusk till Dawn; 10th, Chris France, Homewrecker; 11th, John Cespedes, Fools Gold; 12th, Evan Pearce, Red Ink.

Directors’ Election

Eden Township: Kyle Beamer; Marseilles Township: Ted Williams; Sycamore Township: Glenn Chaffee; At Large A: Donald Montgomery; At Large B: Kodie Weaver; At Large C: Chad Gottfried; Tymochtee Township: Alex Wolf; Pit Township: Steve Ekleberry.

Truck Tug

5,000 Lb.: 1st, Jim Graham, Wayne; 2nd, Chris “Mater” Snyder, Lima; 3rd, Brent Plaugher.

6,500 Lb.: 1st, Stephen Wagel, St. Mary’s; 2nd, Chris “Mater” Snyder; 3rd, Zayne Graham, Wayne.

8,500 Lb.: 1st, Brian Ansley, Kenton; 2nd, Mark Newsome; 3rd, Troy Comerson, Kenton.

Junior Fair


Queen: Sara Hoffman, Nevada Bobcats.

Beef Breeding

Champion: Zac Young, Wrangler Kids; Reserve: Madison Fredritz, Mohawk Town and Country.

Dairy Steers


Rate of Gain Dairy Steer: Sara Huffman; Reserve: Kallen Stiles, Nevada Bobcats.

Light Weight: Zachary Altvater, The Challengers; Reserve: Emma Stober, Kids Got the Spirit.

Medium Weight: Emma Stober; Reserve: Zach Brodman, Carey FFA.

Heavy Weight: Zach Brodman; Reserve: Jena Baum, Kids Got the Spirit.

Grand Champion Dairy Steer: Zach Brodman; Reserve: Zachary Altvater.


Junior: 1st, Monte Boes, Kirby Bells; 2nd, Olivia Grove, Nevada Bobcats; 3rd, Gabriella Grove, Nevada Bobcats.

Senior: 1st, Emma Stober; 2nd, Abby Hall, The Challengers; 3rd, Kallen Stiles; 4th, Allison Riedlinger, Upper Sandusky FFA; 5th, Zach Brodman, Carey FFA; 6th, Tyler Weatherholtz, Riverdale FFA.

Market Heifers/Steers


Rate of Gain Beef: Curtis Smith, Town and Country; Reserve: Curtis Smith.

Two-Year Market Heifer: Eli Kinley; Reserve: Paul Frey, Wharton Busy Bees.

Market Heifer: Hannah Ziegler, Barnyard Critters; Reserve: Hannah Ziegler.

Two-Year Market Steer: Zachary Altvater; Reserve: Carley Coppler, Carey Boys.

Light Weight Steer: Noel Orians, Carey Boys; Reserve: Zeblin Kitzler, Salem Boosters.

Medium Weight Steer: Shelby Kinley, Salem Boosters; Reserve: Zachary Altvater.

Heavy Weight Steer: Ashton Frey, Town and Country; Reserve: Kaden Frey, Town and Country.

Grand Champion Market Beef: Ashton Frey; Reserve: Kaden Frey.


Junior: 1st, Hannah Ziegler; 2nd, Eli Kinley; 3rd, Levi Kepling; 4th, Carley Coppler; 5th, Gavin Stump; 6th, Curtis Smith.

Senior: Keaton Cunningham; 2nd, Natalie Snook; 3rd, Zachary Young; 4th, Shelby Kinley; 5th, Anthony Blair, Carey FFA; 6th, Ashley Niederkohr, Upper Sandusky FFA.,

Beef Feeders


Rate of Gain: Jacob Reinhart, Carey Boys; Reserve: Josie Traxler, Carey Boys.

Beef Feeder Heifer: Sam Musgrave, Salem Boosters; Reserve: Josie Traxler.

Light Weight Beef Feeder: Bryce Orians, Carey Boys; Reserve: Kori Frey, Wharton Busy Bees.

Medium Weight Beef Feeder: Paul Frey; Reserve: Zac Clinger, Upper Sandusky FFA.

Heavy Weight Beef Feeder: Zachary Altvater; Reserve: Ashton Frey.

Grand Champion: Zachary Altvater; Reserve: Sam Musgrave.


Junior: 1st, Josie Traxler; 2nd, Jacob Coldiron, Kids Got the Spirit; 3rd, Nicole Snook, The Challengers; 4th, Savannah Kinley, Salem Boosters; 5th, Kenedi Hayden, River Roundup; 6h, Mason Vent, Wrangler Kids.

Intermediate: 1st, Kaden Frey; 2nd, Eli Kinley; 3rd, Hannah Ziegler; 4th, Abigail Wenger, Wyandot Power and Pride; 5th, Alec Ogg, Wyandot County Shepherds; 6th, Alexis Stauffer Kids Got the Spirit.

Senior: 1st, Zachary Altvater; 2nd, Shelby Kinley; 3rd, Ashton Frey; 4th, Ashley Niederkohr; 5th, Bryce Orians; 6th, Erika Coldiron.

Dairy Feeders


Rate of Gain: Benjamin Sheaffer, Wyandot Power and Pride; Reserve: Hannah Lonsway, Carey Boys.

Light Weight: Laine Wentling, Carey FFA; Reserve: Lanin Wentling, Carey FFA.

Medium Weight: Makayla Burks, Kids Got the Spirit; Reserve: Griffin Summitt, Carey Boys.

Heavy Weight: Zachery Sheaffer, Wyandot Power and Pride; Reserve: Laine Wentling.

Grand Champion: Zachery Sheaffer; Reserve: Laine Wentling.


Beginner: 1st, Seth Boes; 2nd, Josie Traxler; 3rd, Grant Houston; 4th, Taylor Brodman; 5th, Derek Lonsway; 6th, Grace Kinley.

Junior: 1st, Brad Chaffee; 2nd, Trent Baum; 3rd, Daniele Thiel; 4th, Eric Bilhs; 5th, Kaetelyn Lewis; 6th, Zackery Koehler.

Intermediate: 1st, Garrett Summit; 2nd, Brice O’Flatery; 3rd, Jena Baum; 4th, Gabriella Grove; 5th, Logan Dickerson; 6th, Jessica Pfhester.

Senior: 1st, Anthony Blair; 2nd, Audry Hotelling; 3rd, Mackensie Wentling; 4th, Meghan Chaffee; 5th, Abby Hall; 6th, Austin Harris.