Wyandot County Fair results, Sept. 10

Junior Fair

Pre-Fair Judging

(All first-place class winners)


Science Fun With Flight: Ethan VonBlon, Mohawk Town and Country.


Sew Fun: Maria Shane, Country Buckeyes.

Fun With Clothes: Zoe Overmeyer, 4 Ever Kids.

Clothing for Middle School: Dana Worst, Carey Patriots.

Sundresses and Jumpers: Kirsten Etzinger, Carey Patriots.

Clothing For Your Career: Ciara Long, Kids Got the Spirit.

You Can Quilt: Caitlyn Risley, Barnyard Critters.


Focus on Photography, Jr.: Alyssa Newman, Knights of Eden; Sr., Rachael Herring, River Roundup.

Controlling the Image: Erin Conner, Kids Got the Spirit.

Mastering Photography: Grace Lynch, Kids Got the Spirit.

Creative Writing, Jr.: Aspen Conley, Salem Country Kids; Sr., Erin Conner.

Get Started in the Act: Molly Owens, Barnyard Critters.

Set the Stage: Grace Hill, Carey Patriots.



Magic of Electricity: Bryce Briggs, River Roundup.

Investigating Electricity: Anthony Zender, Mohawk Town and Country.

Wired for Power: Evan Gottfried, Town and Country.

Entering Electronics: Megan Ohl, Mohawk Town and Country.

Science Fun With Electricity: Christopher Brady, Wyandot Power and Pride.


Crank It Up: Jacob Schwilk, Kraft Kids.

Warm It Up: Wyatt Ferst, Barnyard Critters.

ATV Safety: Russell Phillips, Carey Patriots.


You’re The Athlete: Garrett Thomas, Wyandot Power and Pride.

Staying Healthy: Emily Connor, Kids Got the Spirit.

Keeping Fit: Jesse Ferst, Barnyard Critters.

Home Living

Makeover My Space: Rachel Crawford, 4 Ever Kids.

First Home Away From Home: Ellen McDougle, Carey Patriots.


and Citizenship

One-On-One: Katlyn Graves, Town and Country.

Speak Out: Sierra Miller, Salem Boosters.

Project Citizen: Katelyn Trausch, Carey Patriots.

Carteens: Brittany Gottfried, Town and Country.

Money Management

Money Fundamentals: Ashley Ohl, Mohawk Town and Country.

On the Road to Financial Success: Taylor Risley, Barnyard Critters.

Natural Resources

Exploring Our Forests: Maria Shane, Country Buckeyes.

Ohio Birds: Laura Stauffer, Town and Country.

Fishing for the Beginner: Zachariah King, Kids Got the Spirit.

Safe Use of Guns: Ben Sheaffer, Wyandot Power and Pride.

Archery: Ayyssa Newman, Knights of Eden.

Exploring Insect World I: Nicholas Wines, Wyandot Power and Pride.


I Spy in the Kitchen: Stephanie Bassler, Wrangler Kids.

Quick Breads: Katie Homburg, Wyandot Power and Pride.

Yeast Breads: Hannah Funkhouser, Wyandot County Shepherds.

Global Gourmet: Kayla Keller, Carey Patriots.

You’re The Chef: Sierra Miller, Salem Boosters.

Grill Master: Tommy Arrendondo, Carey Patriots.

Sports Nutrition: Troy Mawer, Wyandot Power and Pride.

Snack Attack: Sarah Scott, Town and Country.

Dashboard Dining: Natalie VonBlon, Mohawk Town and Country.

Fast Break for Breakfast: Hanna Herring, River Roundup.

Cake Decorating: Andrew Stauffer, Wyandot Power and Pride.

Canning and Freezing: Lea Tatro, The Challengers.

Small Animals

Dog Obedience: Jaelynn Summitt, K-9 Kids.

Dog Showmanship: Sarah Studer, K-9 Kids.

Dog Performance: Madison Stansbery, K-9 Kids.

Cavvy: Maya Collins, River Roundup.

Purr-fect Pals: Caleb Evert, Barnyard Critters.

Climbing Up: Chloe Duvall, River Roundup.


Airedales to Zebras: Summer Bouillon, The Challengers.

All Systems Go: Madison Goodman, Salem Country Kids.


Measuring Up: Carson Pahl, The Challengers.


Arcs and Sparks: Hunter Rhoden, Knights of Eden.

Family History Treasure Hunt: Laura Stauffer, Town and Country.

Rope: Rachael Herring, River Roundup.

Scrapbooking, Sr.: Zoe Garber, Salem Boosters.