TU updates building, programs

The face of Pfeiffer Library, on the campus of Tiffin University, is to change with a new addition.

TU Trustee Frank Murphy has provided the funding for the new Murphy Academic Support Center.

Paul Marion, Tiffin University’s president, said “The Murphy Academic Support Center will include a classroom to be used for classes, seminars, and workshops; a conference room to be used for group study sessions and group tutorials; offices for tutors and success coaches to meet individually with students; and an open area with computers for use by students…”

The building also is to house the offices of the Director of the Student Success Center, the Director of Career Development, the Director of Internships and the graduate assistant for the Student Success Center.

Students currently use the Student Success Center in Friedley Hall for tutoring and study skills assistance. Marion said tutors and coaches do not have private offices where they can meet with students. Also, there are no areas for group study, seminars and workshops for students. The space in Friedley Hall that now is being used as the Student Success Center is to be expanded and renovated for use as the Undergraduate Admissions Office, Marion said.

“The decision to create the Murphy Academic Support Center as an addition to Pfeiffer Library-rather than as a stand-alone facility – was made because the library is centrally located on campus and because the functions of the library and academic support services are closely related to each other and can be operated more cost-effectively than if they were in two separate buildings.”

The architect for the addition is MKC Associates of Mansfield. The structure is to take up 5000 square feet in two floors. Construction is expected to begin mid-October, Marion said.

The library was constructed in 1967, and dedicated in 1977 in memory of former TU President Richard Pfeiffer.

Head Librarian Fran Fleet was hired in 1983 when the library had only one office, and five rows of shelves that held about 10,000 volumes and tables and chairs for students.

When the Success Coach program was created, three offices were developed in the library so that the coaches could consult with students privately.

“This will help the library become a learning commons – a facility where students will have access to the assistance and resources they need to succeed academically. It also helps with recruiting and retention. We’re very grateful that Frank Murphy is stepping up and doing this,” Fleet said in a news release.

In addition to the Murphy Academic Support Center, the TU acquired the Pettibone property on the corner of Miami and Wall streets. So far, a parking lot next to the Heminger Center was created along with a practice facility for the Wrestling team.

Charles Christensen vice president of Academic Affairs at TU said the property is a set of five buildings with four truck bays. They are to house the school of Graduate and Distance Education Program, support staff and online education, and English and American Culture. Total, the building is to house 30 people, he said.

Ownership of the property took place Sept. 30, 2012. The property is to be gutted and new paint and flooring along with air conditioning and heat will be implemented. The project is to start in the next couple of weeks and to be completed in the spring, he said.

Christensen said eventually they plan to consolidate the music program in one or two of the bays. There also are new science labs that are to be implemented in three to four years, he said. He said he is not sure if they will be placed in the property.