TU sponsoring trip to Russia

Tiffin University is to offer a trip to Russia this summer for students, alumni, faculty, staff and the community.

The trip through Education First Tour Co. offers an educational tour to experience different cultures, said Teresa Shafer, TU’s associate dean of the International Program.

“It gives students and the community the opportunity to get travel experience and get out of Seneca County and Ohio,” she said.

The tour is for nine days and is to include the round-trip flight, a full-time tour director, land and water transportation, accommodations and a daily light breakfast.

The group also is to take part in sight-seeing tours at the Kremlin, Armory Palace Museum, Hermitage/Winter Palace, Peter and Paul Fortress and the St. Petersburg History Museum.

“These short-term trips are the first step for most people to begin to travel,” Shafer said. “They provide a controlled environment for the group and the itinerary is already set up so that they just have to show up and go.”

Shafer said the group also can have the chance to offer their suggestions on where they would like to visit.

The cost of the trip is $3,800-$4,000. The group is to leave May 15-23. Those interested can register at www.efcollegestudytours.com. Shafer said the deadline to register is Dec. 31, but they are to allow registrations to March 1.

Students also are to be able to receive college credit and financial aid and scholarships and payment plans are available.

“Money should not be a reason not to go,” Shafer said. “These trips pay for themselves over a lifetime.”

The trip requires a passport and a visa at an additional charge.

“For those that go on the trip, they bring back life skills that will change them the rest of their lives,” Shafer said. “Their core values are stronger and they have a heightened appreciation for the culture.”

Students also are to have the option to study abroad in London through a program by LEB Education.

LEB offers academic programs in the summer, fall and spring. The summer programs are for four weeks, where the fall is a 15-week semester. The programs offer practical learning, student accommodations, classroom facilities at Birkbeck College at the University of London, and varied social programs, said LEB Executive Director Nikos Tsorakidis.

The programs offer six college credits, and financial aid and scholarships are offered, Tsorakidis said.

Students are to be able to work on real projects with real clients, Tsorakidis said.

Tsorakidis said he studied abroad in London and the perspectives he received changed his life.

“This opportunity allows for students to have the opportunity to interact with a mix of many different cultures,” he said. “They work with different cultures and get out of their comfort zones. They also get to have fun and travel.”

For more information about the Russia tour or study abroad programs, contact Shafer at (419) 448-3309 or tshafer@tiffin.edu.